Doctor Red Cloud, DVM


About all the dogs learned of any substance was that the “tools are hidden and ready when we need them…” and there was nothing further they could do until the last two people made themselves known.

They were meeting with McCoy, Marshal Blackmon and McCoy’s cabin mate…

You may speak freely,” McCoy said to the rather surprised canines, “He’s working with us.”

Ben growled, “You are kidding, right?”

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 20:

Chillax, Ben,” Thunder replied, “Big A is cooperating with us a part of a plea-agreement…”

McCoy Marshal Blackmon and McCoy's cabin mate

“Chillax, Ben,”


…and he is under house-arrest until all requirements of the agreement are met,” McCoy continued, “This is no pleasure-cruise for Mr. Simpson; he’s still liable for a significant stay at the crossbar hotel.”

It was then that the canines made note of the bars on the door leading to Simpson’s quarters. He wasn’t allowed out of the cabin; at least not yet.

Simpson did not speak while the others discussed the information they’d gathered at some length. They knew the identities of at least four of the Gamboge-Schwarzkopf-LaVasque Cartel, but one or two had yet to be identified. Missing too, was any report from Lightning and the others back in Danger Bay.

They dispatched Larry FlutterMatters back to Danger Bay believing his keen eyesight aided by his enhanced “Pink Diamond Encrusted Elton John Twin Monocle Flight” goggles would be of more use in gathering information over the forests surrounding the village. With only a minor protest he set out on his mission.

The injured Wolves were now under the care of freshly-minted Doctor James “Jimmy” Red Cloud, DVM. Having learned the practical part of his Cyber-course work from Doc Shouse, Red Cloud was more than capable of providing the necessary medical attention the young wolves required.

Please take good care of my young wolves, Animal-Doc Red Cloud,” Ringo came as close to a smile as any massive wolf could, “They were foolish, but they must recover to pay for their foolishness.”

They will be fine, Ringo. I’ve set the broken leg and repaired the torn ear. With our advanced cyber-recovery protocol, both will be ready for discharge in an hour.”

Ringo & Red Cloud at PawZ

“They will be fine, Ringo."


Thank you. I will send their new instructor. Release them only to the WolvenMaster.”

Who is the WolvenMaster?”


Thus ends Chapter 1. To be Continued…

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21 Responses to Doctor Red Cloud, DVM

  1. I want some of those “Pink Diamond Encrusted Elton John Twin Monocle Flight” goggles!


  2. P.S. Chief Red Cloud… big ‘wompom?’


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    How does Ringo keep that crown on his head?


  4. It obviously doesn’t snow in Danger Bay…why not? 😐


  5. Larry says:

    Sarg. – How does Ringo keep that crown on his head

    Doggy Pins 🙂


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL…wolvenmaster I like. New character or someone we already know?


  7. Larry says:

    “Cats coming soon”

    Will they have names that rival those in the James Bond movies?


  8. Larry says:

    C’est ne pas possible!


  9. Sweet Woman says:

    Good morning! Hi Alice 🙂


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