The “marks” gathered at Doc’s cabin that evening…


The Huron continued to pull away from the Martin as Ship’s Marshal Cloud met with Sarah Boardman and Sheriff McCoy. He had intended on trying to convince both Boardmans to help him, but it seems Andrew had met a young woman and his dance-card was full.

Neither Sarah nor McCoy had been seen a the table since they took down Polanski and company but after Cloud explained what was going on…

Oh this sounds like fun!” McCoy rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

We’ve never worked together, Sheriff…”Cloud meets with Sarah and Todd McCoy

Oh, we have, you just didn’t realize it. I knew exactly what you two were up to and played into it.”

Season VI, Chapter 4, Episode 6:

High-stakes gambling was prohibited aboard-ship and a ten dollar pot-limit was strictly enforced in Swigs-on-the-Water and Silverthorn’s. But that only slowed Ted Schmidlap and his son, Tom, a little in their quest to fleece as many guests as possible between Detroit and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Besides, there was plenty of time. Since boarding the Martin at Detroit they collected enough winnings to break even; any winnings now were pure profit.

When Kiwi Silverthorn called Doc McLean aside during their current game, they knew exactly what was happening and were prepared for it.

Doc returned after a rather animated conversation with Silverthorn, “I’ve been banned from the tables, gentlemen. It seems my wife thinks I’m spending too much time here.”

They can do that?” Ted asked.

Oh, they can. My wife and I had a rather spirited conversation on that very topic yesterday.”


I booked another cabin. A ‘trial’ separation, I guess.”

A place to continue?”

That was my plan. I know a few others who fancy themselves gamblers.”

That was all Ted Schmidlap needed to hear. He loved players who “fancied” themselves as gamblers; the easiest marks for a professional.The "marks" gathered at Doc's cabin

The “marks” gathered at Doc’s cabin that evening…


To be Continued…


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11 Responses to The “marks” gathered at Doc’s cabin that evening…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Awww the operation is in full swing now…very clever:)


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    People “who fancy themselves gamblers” makes me think of those who fancy themselves social media gurus …


  3. Ha ha. Trial separation.


  4. Sweet Woman says:

    And the stakes get higher..:))


  5. Erik Hare says:

    I love the pic of the whole room with the pipes and everything – it has a great claustrophobic feeling!


    • boomerjack says:

      Thanks, Erik. I wanted the interior to be a bit gritty without looking too uninviting. Exposed pipes seemed to be the best method 🙂


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