Her imagination was accurate…


Captain Matthews was enjoying an evening meal in the Grand Dining Room rubbing elbows with the well-heeled passengers when he was informed that the Martin was closing. “Impossible!”

Impossible? Perhaps, Captain, but she’s closing fast.”

Unfortunately, the captain had just been bragging about how easily they’d caught and overhauled that ‘old skow’ Martin and how superior in all respects was the Huron Explorer. “I’ll be on the bridge directly, make turns for full speed!”

The bridge officer didn’t bother to inform the captain they were already at maximum speed.

Meanwhile, in Doc’s cabin, Sarah and Todd McCoy were not just losing, but losing badly…

Season VI, Chapter 4, Episode 8:

The marks gathered at Doc's cabinThe game continued until well past midnight and when it ended, the Schmidlaps were completely cleaned out. By working together Sarah and Todd, with a little help of strategically placed cameras displaying both Schmidlaps’ cards, they were able to signal either Lar Farkleberry or Doc McLean to increase their bets or fold. When the game ended, both Doc and Lar had recovered all their previous losses, plus a little more. Sarah and Todd broke even.

The entire night’s activities were recorded and sent to Ship’s Marshal Cloud—the Schmidlaps’ bad night stood a good chance of getting a whole lot worse come morning.

While all this was going on the Jason Everett Martin caught and overtook the struggling Huron Explorer. The wind had shifted and was now coming from directly ahead of both ships and to make matters worse it’s velocity increased to twenty-five knots with gusts to thirty knots. This slowed both ships, but the sleeker Martin with her more powerful engines was slowed only to twenty-five knots. The Huron could barely maintain twelve knots, her massive superstructure catching the full force of the wind.MV Martin overtakes the Huron Explorer

Captain Molly Halloran was smiling as they passed the Huron and could only imagine the language Captain Matthews was using as he tried to get his engine-room to come up with more power.

Her imagination was accurate…


To be Continued…


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10 Responses to Her imagination was accurate…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Bad language? *#%*#@ like that??? Smile Captain Molly you deserve to!!!


  2. I hate it when those Captains can’t come up with more power.


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Red skies at night, sailor’s delight, red skies at morning, sailors take warning … is that colorful sky a warning or just beautiful?


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