Mystic, Baybrook Point & Wethersfield CT


Well, Cotton, look at this, three old men pertendin’ t’be lawmen,” their leader proclaimed, “Perhaps we oughta take these coots t’school…”Mac, Boomer & Larry on the road to Moosehead City

He barely finished his sentence when all three “coots” drew their respective weapons, and they found themselves facing two Colts and a very-wicked double-barreled 8 gauge cut-down shotgun. Mac rumbled, “How do, gents?”

Meanwhile, in another century, the MV Martin arrived off Mystic Seaport, Connecticut…

Season VI, Chapter 4, Episode 16:

The first stop for the dogs, the Boardman siblings, Doc McLean, Karen Thayer & Doc Shouse was the Charles W. Morgan, at Chubb’s Warf; she is the last wooden whaling ship left in the world. After the Morgan, the humans thoroughly enjoyed taking in the recreated 19th Century village and of particular interest to Sarah & Andrew was the Boardman Schoolhouse, built in 1765 in the town of Preston, Connecticut and named after one of their ancestors.Visiting Chas W Morgan at Mystic Seaport CT

The dog-people were patient, this was not all that exciting for them. As a reward, Doc McLean, Karen and Doc Shouse rented a van and took them to Seabrook Point. The humans would enjoy a nice meal (promising to get some “doggie-bags” for the dogs).The DogPeople at Baybrook Point, CT

The dogs quite happily frolicked up and down the beach, making friends with the many “people-puppies” there.Dogs at Baybrook Point Beach

Andrew & Sarah rented a car and drove to Wethersfield to look at the village their earliest ancestors in America lived for several generations…they even found the privately-owned home of a very-distant cousin, Sam’l Boardman. The home was built about 1769.Andrew & Sarah visit an ancestor's home in Wethersfield, CT


Looks t’me, the ‘coots’ got the drop on these four gunman wannabe’s,” Boomer cracked, “Where you boys from?”

You got lucky, old man.”

Boomer nudged Pal forward towards the speaker, “And you, boy, underestimated your opponents. That’s a good way to get yourself dead.”Boomer nudged Pal forward towards the speake

Gentlemen,” Mac rumbled, “I think these fellas need a little walking. You boys remove your gunbelts and hang ’em on your saddles and then dismount. We’ll bring your horses and guns to Moosehead City and keep ’em safe while you spend some quality time afoot.”

You can’t do that!”


To be Continued...Silverthorn Trading Refreshments


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17 Responses to Mystic, Baybrook Point & Wethersfield CT

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    You’re going to need a LOT of doggie bags!


  2. Sweet Woman says:

    All I can say is AWESOME POST! Thanks!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Yes excellent post I throughly enjoyed it……Mac could say AH Yes we can just saying!!!


  4. lgbennett says:

    Glad to see that you’ve time traveled to a more gentle time…


  5. lgbennett says:

    Well, you do have some fine wimmin and they NEED to be tough! 🙂


    • boomerjack says:

      Danger Bay wimmin’s proved their toughness over the blog-years… but now they must adjust to 19th Century life. Susie (as written) was a century ahead of her time in her time back in Hartle’s Corners (1866).


  6. larry says:

    Wondering as he is prone to do methinks thinks Fluttermatters how does one get all those doggies in a window?


  7. What kind of a beach is that… no thongs or even a Speedo for the girls? Woof woof!


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