Old Men & Coffee Shops—May 2011 – Month End Blog-analysis

Old Men & Coffee ShopBoomer & I are enjoying the early-morning air of Old Saint Paul, Minnesota, outside Joe’s Café & Coffee (Pretty Good Food & Great Coffee) where it is 68°F and partly cloudy.
We are also enjoying our custom Joe’s mugs of organically & shade-grown, Fair-Trade, “Upper Town” blend of dark coffee as we contemplate this little hobby-blog’s May stats.
After analyzing all the data, comparing month-to-month statistics for unique visits, Google-searches, comments to post ratios, and top secret blog-analysis tools to which almost NO ONE else has access (only those of us important enough to be invited) and consulted absolutely no “SEO Experts” (they don’t know anything—REALLY); we feel confident enough to offer the following detailed Blog-Data-Review:


Thanks for your support, GENTLE READER!

About sgtmajcarl

A little crusty on the outside...but inside?
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10 Responses to Old Men & Coffee Shops—May 2011 – Month End Blog-analysis

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Yeeee Haaaa right back atcha! Glad to hear it!


    • boomerjack says:

      We thought we owed this to our readers & Carl volunteered…I didn’t know he had it in him…to write such a cogent, thorough post. 😀


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Coffee, friends and a celebration — WHOOOOOO!!!


  3. Sweet Woman says:

    I’ll say yeeeehaaawww too! I so enjoy yall :))


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    Don’t you forget my YEEEHAAAWWW too better late than never:)


  5. boomerjack says:

    Mac will appreciate all the YEEEEEEHHHAAAAAWWWWs!


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