Almost 1000 Posts—AR-ROOO!

Daisy Blog PhotoNot every blog has an Official Dog-Person who is allowed to set paw to keyboard and write a post now and again. And, I’m sure a lot of you “People-Dogs” don’t believe that I actually write here…or talk as I do in the cheesy-fiction that Alpha-Jack writes; if that’s the case—go away you are NOT a suitable Gentle Reader of this blog!

Suspending your misconceptions of REALITY is necessary to be a true Gentle Reader and I KNOW there are many fine People-Dogs, highly respected in the REAL WORLD who are not only readers, but participants in The Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota.

It is for those People-Dogs that on July 23rd, at about 4:30AM CDT we are publishing a very special blog-post to honor all who have in the past, and those who continue to support Alpha-Jack’s little hobby-blog.

My friends Larry FlutterMatters, Alice, PepperCooper, WolvenKing Ringo, Karma BigFeathers and Cujo will be keeping notes on who attends!

Be there—AR-ROOO!!!

15 thoughts on “Almost 1000 Posts—AR-ROOO!

  1. sgtmajcarl

    I believe you actually write…I also believe in the Tooth-Fairy [I made good money from her as a kid].


  2. Chris Shouse

    How many hours different are we? 2 or 3? If it is 2 I will be there as I get up @2AM to get ready to head to the airport @ right around 3:15 am and I get to the computer before I go @just about 2:30 am which should be perfect? I think:)


    1. boomerjack

      I have a special commemorative post a ready to publish on Saturday and the party will be in the comments. :-)



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