McGillicuddy and the Westerners

Pioneer Port of Danger Bay Banner Previously:

The marshals were watching the westerners board the steamer when suddenly the pub door burst open.

Angus McGillicuddy was walking towards the pub and observed two men enter the pub. He picked up his pace, but before he’d gone more than a step or two, he heard several gunshots, and muzzle-flashes through the front window of the pub.

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 1:

Angus heard gunfire in the Man O'War McGillicuddy ran towards the Man O’War Pub; as the covered wagon passed he saw two of the westerners outside near their horses, they had turned towards the gunfire, and were just about run inside, “Stay here, else you’ll take no more steps—ever!”

The two turned and seeing McGillicuddy’s hand near his .44, and wisely decided not to reach for their own.

Angus & McLintock's men outside Man O'WarOutnumbered, and needing to cut the odds, Angus could do only one thing, “Get on your horses and ride out, now!”

They thought of challenging this little marshal, ’cause maybe, just maybe their friends inside needed their help, “Yer friends are like as not, already daid er dyin’ and one of us’ll probably get you—we know our way around a six-shooter.”

And if we don’t get you, Shorty, they will.”

Okay, which one of you is ready for the Promised Land? Because I’m ready t’ send you there.”

They looked at each other and neither wanted to take that trip. Besides, someone has to report back to McLintock. Their natural cowardice quickly won the day, and they sprinted to their horses and galloped out of town.

There was no further gunfire inside, Angus quietly climbed the steps, and cracked the door open and in the dimly lit pub, saw two on the floor, and two more shapes backlit near the back door. He knew it would take several seconds for his eyes to adjust to the relative darkness inside. He would be an easy target as soon as he opened the door, framed in the sunlight.

Angus took a deep breath, drew his .44 and burst into the pub…

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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10 Responses to McGillicuddy and the Westerners

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    OH MY…I am getting all the shoot em up bang bang that I asked for!!! There is a song by Marty Robbins called Mr Shorty I think it fits sorta except he was not a Marshall….look forward to reading more soon 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Eeeeeek! This is a lot of excitement before I’ve even finished my coffee!


  3. Sweet Woman says:

    Yea…good thing Ive had my coke before readin this am :)) action packed!


  4. lhalvor says:

    I love this. Just like John Wayne only better!


  5. yatters says:

    “Okay, which one of you is ready for the Promised Land”

    how did Ms. Susie miss that line? 🙂


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