The set-up

Pioneer Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously:

Jimmy was wiping down the back bar during a short break from breakfast orders when his concentration on his task was interrupted, “Good morning Mr. Byrne, a couple of tins of coffee please.”

He turned around to see Jonathan Spenser and a young stranger standing at the bar, “Good morning Mr. Spenser, who’s this young fella?”

Good morning, Mr. Byrne, My name’s Kidd. I’ve heard good things about the food served here, sir.”

And so the charming of Grand Marais had begun…

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 32:

James Patrick “Jimmy” Byrne was no man’s fool, but Kidd, ‘though he didn’t consciously realize it, was accomplished as confidence man. Kidd’s soft voice, educated English and easy manner fooled many a worldly man (and woman I must add), and, he’d later come to regret it, fooled Jimmy, “Such manners, but ye be a bit too generous with yer tongue not havin’ tasted our fare, laddy.”

I think we’ll have coffee, followed by a couple of eggs and some of those fine fried potatoes, Mr. Byrne,” Spenser said through a feigned yawn, “We have much to do today, and we’d best be fully awake and fed.”

Byrne poured the coffee and his wife, Coleen started cooking their breakfast, “If I might be askin’ what brings you to Grand Marais this morning?”

Spenser & Kidd at the Man O'War PubHas Marshal McGillicuddy been in yet today? We would like to speak with him.”

He’s not. Are ya havin’ problems?”

Uh, no. Mr. Kidd has experience as a peace officer, in Kansas and Colorado, and was wondering if there might be work in that occupation here. I heard the marshal was looking to hire a deputy…”

This part of the country seems a bit more civilized,” Kidd added, “Being a lawman where I came from is a good way to shorten one’s life expectancy.”

Angus has been looking for help, Deputy US Marshals Boomer & Larry are only here on loan from the Moosehead County US Marshals District Office. I’m sure Marshal ‘Big Mac’ would like them back.”

There have been no applicants?”

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner


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10 Responses to The set-up

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “…I’m sure Marshal ‘Big Mac’ would like them back.”

    Don’t BET on that! All Deputies Boomer and Larry do…is complain! 😐


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    And now I want fried potatoes with breakfast …


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the poor brown and white is once again plagued with delirium. As it is recalled – was it not too long ago that UNLIKE the feathered friend from mountains blue the brown and white stood in the way of a bullet. Such action taken leaves one to ask if this is yet another manifestation of the BlueButtBite?


    • boomerjack says:

      “…Such action taken leaves one to ask if this is yet another manifestation of the BlueButtBite?”

      You, Flutters, should worry less about THAT, than about a possible BEAGLE BUTT BITE in the tailfeathers. 😛


  4. Ahem! There’s nothing wrong with a man being too generous with his tongue! Just sayin’.


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