Kidd deputized

Pioneer Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously:

Kinna ye tell tell me a bit aboot it?”

Kidd told of his time in Wichita, Kansas and Eads, Colorado, matter of factly and without obvious embellishment. Angus couldn’t know, but Kidd left much of his experiences out of his story: his time as a bounty-hunter and penchant for bringing his quarry needlessly back—dead.

When Kidd finished Angus mulled over what he’d said without speaking. A poker player of some skill, McGillicuddy’s expression did not give away which way he was leaning and it was making Kidd nervous.

Verra well, Lad, I’ll hire ye, but understand, ye’ll be on probation fer some while.”

Spenser hid a grin.

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 34:

Angus & Kidd left the Man O’War Pub and walked the relatively short distance to the Town Marshal’s office and jail. As they walked Angus noticed as Kidd looked around, taking in the buildings and general layout of the town—a good sign for a peace officer—always be aware of your surroundings.

They arrived at the jail, Kidd looked around a bit, “Is this generally a peaceful town?”

McGillicuddy and Kidd at the Town Marshal's OfficeIt was. About a month ago strangers began t’ arrive by steamer, strangers not from around here. Many were dressed in Union and Conferate uniforms, or parts of uniforms.”

They cause trouble?”

Nay, not too much, one or two did and I had the pleasure o’jailing them. But laddie, ye dinnea have to do something t’ intimidate folks an’ I knew ’twas but only a bit o’time before they did.”

Angus went on to explain the duties of the Town Marshal: duties, shifts and expectations. Twenty-four hours on duty (on-rounds or in the office sleeping there as necessary) and twenty-four hours off duty. Both the marshal and deputy on duty in the weekends with overlapping shifts.

Kidd periodically asked questions, mostly for clarification, sometimes about certain individuals who Angus mentioned as recurring troublemakers.

After the review of the position requirements and questions satisfied, Angus tossed Kidd his shiny new badge.

McGillicuddy and Deputy Town Marshal Kidd Angus looked out the window and noticed a man passing by the window, “Ah good, Deputy Boomer is coming.”

He didn’t notice Kidd’s posture change and his hands drift towards his six-guns.

To be Continued…


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11 Responses to Kidd deputized

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Angus best be watching Kidd and maybe he would begin to have some doubts about him…:)


  2. Sounds like Kidd could be a little too big for his britches. A man of my dreams!


  3. yatters says:

    “without obvious embellishment”

    There goes the story line 😦


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