Perhaps you’d like to ‘interview’ me

Pioneer Port of Danger Bay BannerPreviously:

Kidd periodically asked questions, mostly for clarification, sometimes about certain individuals who Angus mentioned as recurring troublemakers.

After the review of the position requirements and questions satisfied, Angus tossed Kidd his shiny new badge.

Angus looked out the window and noticed a man passing by the window, “Ah good, Deputy Boomer is coming.”

He didn’t notice Kidd’s posture change and his hands drift towards his six-guns.

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 35:

Good morning Angus” Boomer greeted as he walked in, he noticed the stranger’s hands, but did not react as the stranger let his hands drift away from his sidearms, “Ahh, Angus, you hired a deputy.”

Aye, Boomer, ‘at Ah hae,” McGillicuddy turned to to Kidd, “This is Deputy Kidd. He’s yoong, but nae withit experience.”

Good morning, Deputy,” Kidd greeted extending his hand, “I’ve heard much about you.”

Deputy Boomer entered the Town Marshal's Office Boomer smiled as he shook Kidd’s hand, “Don’t put too much stock in heresay, Mr. Kidd, folks tend to exaggerate a bit around here.”

I’ll keep that in mind.”

Ah sent a message tae Big Mac thes morn, an’ he replied awreddy. He wants Larry tae heed fur Mooseheid City as suin as possible. Mac’s gonnae Williams’ Station.”

What’s going on there?”

He didne say. He did say he wanted ye tae lave fur thaur by week’s end.”

Will Deputy Kidd be ready by then?”

Och aye, Boomer, he will be ready Ah expect. Ye hae mair important duties tae attend tae.”

Perhaps you’d like to ‘interview’ me?” Kidd asked with a bit of humor in his voice, “If you don’t mind, Marshal, I could used a little break from deputy-school?”

Och aye, laddie, a break fraem skale fur ye,” Angus laughed as he purposely lapsed deeper into his Scot’s burr, “An’ Ah can gie a wee bit o’wark dain haur.”

Good,” Boomer said, “I’m meeting Larry at the Man O’War for breakfast and we’ll both give you the third degree.”

Third degree?” Kidd did not understand the 20th Century idiom.

Interview,” Boomer laughed, “In this case, more like peace officers enjoying a little time away from our duties.”

Boomer still wasn’t sure about Kidd…but, that must wait, we need to catch up with our dog-people…

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

8 thoughts on “Perhaps you’d like to ‘interview’ me

  1. sgtmajcarl

    Grand Marais is a long way from Moosehead City…too bad, my character would love to “interview” Mr. Kidd. :-)



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