Ringo and CanineKnights in the deep forest

Pioneer Port of Danger Bay Banner Previously [From 12/27]:

Ringo was happy to see Daisy, his first ‘Canine-Knight-of-the-Realm after her battle with Renegade the Wolf. He addressed her with her Spirit Name, “You are recovering Akecheta-Apenimon?”

I feel much better, Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio,” Daisy replied, “But, I think I am in a little trouble.”

You and your friends will accompany me—now!”

The dogs were “in trouble,” yes they were.

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 36 Dog Adventure 1:

Ringo led them silently deep into the forest at a fast trot—fast for little Buttons at least, who never complained and if you ask me, she kept up better than most any other dog of her size.

They were soon far from the lake, and far from any part of the forest with which they were familiar. The deeper they went the deeper in trouble they knew they were.

Daisy blamed herself for the fix in which they found themselves. It was she who in a foolish act of bravado stood next to logger Arthur French in a gunfight—she was unarmed—all she could do was bay, snarl and snap her jaws at the westerners; she didn’t realize that by doing so, she made them hesitate in drawing their guns and only two of their number managed to get a shot off before falling to the withering rifle fire from the loggers & fishermen. She saved human lives.

Ringo and CanineKnights in the deep forestRingo knew this and was quite proud of his first Canine-Knight-of-the-Realm…but letting all the canines think they were “in trouble,” would make them more receptive to instruction.

It was time to take these plucky canines to the next level—to be the leaders & trainers of both wolf & canine knights.

Ringo needed to expand their number as it had become clear to him that a great war was coming to his 2012 forest and forces much larger than his own were gathering to the north under the control of his brother Renegade and the Great White Wolf: “Snowstorm.” Beautiful & wicked, she had long desired to defeat Ringo and his valiant WolvenKnights, but she had not the forces—but now she’d found a way to control non-sentient wolves and was calling them to assemble.

It was only a matter of time…

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

NOTE: The “Dog Adventures” will be published on Tuesday & Wednesday until completed.

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21 Responses to Ringo and CanineKnights in the deep forest

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Good job Daisy!


  2. boomerjack says:

    When you wake up…you get a doggie-treat. 😀


  3. I noticed these canines don’t have any bandanas or clothes to wear. What?? No wardrobe ‘pussification’ of the dogs for the sake of identification??


  4. Luckily they dont do clothing..I could never get Alice to wear any..except accessories..a collar when she was walked..now she even has a badge on..but that would be an accessory too! 🙂 Good post Daisy!


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    This morning with our cold and snow, Pepper probably wouldn’t mind some boots.


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    Well Daisy I am might proud of you!!! I only hope the people of the town know exactly how brave you were and that you saved lives! Is there such a thing as a purple dog heart?

    I can not wait to see the white she wolf!


  7. fluttermatters26 says:

    “canines to the next level”

    During a conversation with Karma Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that none of these colorful fur balls could achieve nor understand the teachings of the Master who as our knowledge guide offers such exclusive learning in the bluest of blue left coast mountains.


  8. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters it be a consensus amongst those who know that reality has NO place in this space and time.


  9. yatters says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters that from time to time you think I lay eggs when in this reality they are dah bomb! 🙂


  10. fluttermatters26 says:

    Of course from time to time methinks thinks FlutterMatters that picking the correct avatar is a blast. 🙂


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