Ringo needed to expand their number as it had become clear to him that a great war was coming to his forest and forces much larger than his own were gathering to the north under the control of his brother Renegade and the Great White Wolf: “Snowstorm.” Beautiful & wicked, she had long desired to defeat Ringo and his valiant WolvenKnights, but she had not the forces—but now she’d found a way to control non-sentient wolves and was calling them to assemble.

It was only a matter of time…

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 37 Dog Adventure 2:

Time” was the mind of Snowstorm as she and her army of non-sentient wolves  were gathered in the forest well-beyond and north of 2012 Danger Bay.

She knew that Ringo was capable of time travel, she had actually witnessed his departure—and his return a mere seconds later and listened to his conversation with a tri-colored canine. Was the tri-color the time-medium? How many could this canine time-transfer at once?

Snowstorm calls a Wolvenmoot You are thinking of my brother again?”

How would you know this?”

Your lips were forming a silent snarl.”

I was thinking of time-travel.”

Ringo continued his instructional planning to turn these hapless, hopeless, yet couragious canines into leaders and teachers when his thoughts were interrupted by, “Hello friends!”

Hello O Lawrence Reginald FlutterMatters!” Ringo’s tail wagged as if a canine, “As always, a rare pleasure to see you, Perpetually-Lost-Pigeon!”

Oh my! ‘Lawrence Reginald FlutterMatters?’ Who knew?” Daisy bayed, her tail wagging furiously, “Flutters—why did you never tell me your full name?”

Smiling to himself at his friend Daisy’s words, Flutters puffed himself as large as he could manage, “I offer my Master-Enhanced services to you, WolvenKing Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio, and your merry band of Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm.”

Lawrence Reginald FlutterMatters unexpectedly arrivedCuriously, Ringo did not seem amused by this offer, his expression quite thoughtful; he looked at his gathered knights, and made note of five tails wagging—an expectant wag, “Very-well, Flutters, it appears my knights have voted…”

Flutters deflated—he was certain they would object…

Lawrence Reginald FlutterMatters, your Spirit-Name shall be: ‘Zonta-Pules,’ a name which translates into the common-tongue as ‘Trustworthy–Pigeon’ and name you Avian-Knight-of-the-Realm.”

To be Continued…

Refreshment BannerNOTE: The “Dog Adventures” will be published on Tuesday & Wednesday until completed.

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I'm a Looong-legged Beagle, and I have something to say!
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14 Responses to Avian-Knight-of-the-Realm?

  1. fluttermatters26 says:


    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters those were on the main menu at the fabulous luncheon sponsored by the Master in the bluest of blue left coast mountains. 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Way to go Flutters I am sure you will be quite useful to The Realm 🙂 Snowstorm looks very pretty too bad she is going to be a not so nice wolf!


  3. SweetWoman’s “Five Tables ” 🙂 or something like that..is my diner of choice! Yes that is good and it will be Pet friendly!
    Way to go Flutters!


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    That modern day color really leaps out at me after all our time in the past!


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    I love that new header! Nice! 🙂


  6. Linda Halvorson says:

    Perpetually lost. I like that. Goes well with perpetually confused too.


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