We all must make sacrifices for the cause

Pioneer Port of Danger Bay Banner Previously:

Curiously, Ringo did not seem amused by this offer, his expression quite thoughtful; he looked at his gathered knights, and made note of five tails wagging—an expectant wag, “Very-well, Flutters, it appears my knights have voted…”

Flutters deflated—he was certain they would object…

Lawrence Reginald FlutterMatters, your Spirit-Name shall be: ‘Zonta-Pules,’ a name which translates into the common-tongue as ‘Trustworthy–Pigeon’ and name you Avian-Knight-of-the-Realm.”

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 41 Dog Adventure 3:

A mixture of howls, bays, barks and yips could be heard for miles around—if anybody cared to listen—immediately following Ringo’s declaration. The canines were, fortunately, disinclined to pat Flutters on the back, as even little Buttons outweighed him by a very significant amount, but still the thought was there.

Lawrence Reginald FlutterMatters--Avian Knight-of-the-RealmRingo understood the value of airborne observation and also was very aware of Flutters’ ummm…limitations, but on balance in spite of those, he had performed very well when most needed.

Where is Karma?”

Wherever she is needed. She is an Ally of the Realm, but not of the realm, Zonta-Pules.”

Oh,” there was disappointment in Flutters’ voice. A fact that surprised him; considering their rather contentious relationship.

It was she who suggested your knighthood, Zonta-Pules.”

Meanwhile, in 2012…

Why are you thinking of time-travel? With Ringo gone, NOW would be the time to strike his WolvenKnights, while they are leaderless.”

Renegade, you are more foolish than I’d imagined,” Snowstrom growled, “Ringo is a smart and wise leader. He has trained his lieutenants well, and under the instruction of that tri-colored mongrel, Cujo, his son has become a most formidable Prince.”

Snowstorm calls a Wolvenmoot [Meeting of the wolves]But why would going back in time help us?”

Because we shall find his sentient ancestor there and be it male or female, kill it. THAT will ensure our victory here.”

Ahhh—clever. Kill the ancestor and Ringo will never come to be.” It took a few moments for the real significance of this to sink in, “And neither will I!”

We all must make sacrifices for the cause.”

To be Continued…

NOTE: The “Dog Adventures” will be published on Tuesday & Wednesday every week until completed.

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13 Responses to We all must make sacrifices for the cause

  1. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters little is known about the Master’s view of this appointment to the realm.

    Though known to those who know and a few others who are of no consequence, the joining is not an abdication from the Masters teachings for long ago in a place further away than most and many more cannot imagine or perceive, it was written in the masterfully created master plan developed in a most secret of secret ways by the Master and FlutterMatters on mountains bluer than blue and just a little east of west to be the perfect undetectable clandestine method by which to insert an avian agent mole into the heretofore exclusive domain of four legged fur balls.

    As per the plan the appointment confirmed that their leader has not barked up the wrong tree in deciding to take the bait.

    The Master smiled as he watched the plan come together. Fluttermatters accepted the position while quietly coo-cooing a chuckle. Unheard and unaware, the fur balls, just wagged their tails thinking all is as it should be.

    The importance of this gentle readers does at this moment escape the cognitive processes of the codger. However, as the Master noted in his leather hand bound book of revelations, a light will soon shine. Thus methinks thinks FlutterMatters, the dawn awaits.


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’ll need more coffee.


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Good job again, my furry friend. 😛


  4. lhalvor says:

    The significance! Uh-oh. Good job!


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    No Ringo in the future? UNTHINKABLE!! The chill in my spine is still there!


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