“Best offer I’ve had this week”


Meanwhile, in the Village of Danger Bay…

Silverthorn had just returned from the telegraph office in the back of his trading post, “I have a telegram from Doc Shouse! She says Daisy has recovered from her wounds!”

Oh! Thank goodness!” Sarah Cooper exclaimed, expressing the feelings of all present.

Silverthorn delivered telegraph messageThere’s more. Doc, Chris would like you to go to Grand Marais to help teach their doctor your anti-infection techniques.”

Okay, Cooper,” Marshal Blackmon said through her smile, “You’re needed to escort the doc—we still have outlaws abroad.”

All Cooper could do was sigh…

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 44:

Doc mulled over the request for a couple of minutes, “I’m no horseman, and while I could hitch up the buckboard, but with all the highwaymen about these days…”

…AND your not going without me, Timothy McLean!” Philomena Rachel McLean was not about to be left behind. She worked closely with the doctor and over the years had become a pretty darn good nurse.

Cyrus Bishop arrived at Silverthorn TradingCyrus Bishop arrived at the trading post, “Any mail, cargo or passengers, Jim, m’lad?”

Bishop was the founder, driver and owner of the fledgling “Moosehead Stagecoach Company.”

I’m sorry Cy, nothing here, and Moosehead City and Williams’ Station have nothing either.”

Dammit! That’s the second day this week with no business. Them highwaymen is cuttin’ into by business.”

How would you feel about a run to Grand Marais and back?” Matt Farkleberry, ever the entrepreneur, was thinking of a safe way to get Doc & Phil to Grand Marais, “I’d be happy to ride shotgun, and Deputy Sarah be our outrider.”

What’s it pay?”

Our gratitude.”

Best offer I’ve had this week,” Cyrus had to laugh. considering the week he’s had thus far.

A few hours earlier at dawn several riders quietly approached small fishing camp along the road between Grand Marais and Danger Bay…

Riders find the Fishing campThere’s a fishing camp ahead, I kin see th’ tents through th’ trees.”

Quietly, fellers, tie yer horses up, we got work t’do.”

To be Continued…

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12 Responses to “Best offer I’ve had this week”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Highwaymen hmmmm reminds me Of Kristofferson, Cash, and Jennings. I see more gun battles coming, but should Sarah be the only outrider? Not that I don’t have great confidence in her abilities!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “I was a highwayman/On the post road I did ride/Sword and pistol at my side…”

      FAVORITE all-time song! I have that on CD in one of our cars.
      Yes…your BLOOD-LUST will be more than satisfied… 😉


      • Chris Shouse says:

        Yes I have the CD also…you realize the song is about reincarnation right?


        • Jack Boardman says:

          Well….duh…! 😀 And a right-fine ballad it is! I’m not as fond of Country music since they removed the “Western” from it years ago. I like the Western ballads much more than today’s “she/he done me wrong” songs.


          • Chris Shouse says:

            Agreed on taking the Western out of our songs…still it is all I listen to on the radio and some of the songs are still good though most of them are more POP than Country. I am more a tuned to Waylon and Willie and the Boys. Kristofferson has some amazing love songs and drinking/drug songs. I went to see him years ago when he was still doing illicit stuff and was mad at him for his bitching about the acoustics the whole night but I went a couple of years ago down to Laughlin and he did a one man show just him and his guitar all alone on stage and he was so good but then I have been in love with him since about 1972 when I saw him take his shirt off in Blum in Love LOL.


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m missing you, Jack! (Chris, Sarah doesn’t mind a little help!)


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    Too bad the canines & I are elsewhere engaged…AR-ROOO!!!


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