Daisy’s challenge


Stunned, she sat down and looked aroundShe clamped down as hard as she could, expecting to rip open Cujo’s throat—and found only air—the canine was gone!

Stunned, she sat down and looked around. It took her a few minutes to digest what she was seeing…

Hello Renegade, I am called Cujo.”

Am I dead?”

Renegade welcomed to the Great BeyondNo, just displaced. I’m sending you away, to learn of your true heritage. It will be your new home—for the rest of your life.”

Season VI, Chapter 8, Episode 50 Dog Adventure 7:

Where are you sending me?”

I’m sending you to the past, where you will learn to be a true ‘WolvenKing’ from an old…er…acquaintence of yours, Akecheta-Apenimon.”

Daisy?” Renegade was dumbfounded, he had tried to kill Daisy on more than one occasion, “She has agreed to do this?”

Not yet, but she is learning of this as we speak from Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio. She will agree to this task.”

Ringo is there…and in great danger!”

I know this, and now you must prepare to join him…”

Ringo and Daisy went off by themselves to a bluff overlooking Lake Superior. Daisy was still under the impression she was in trouble with Ringo.

You were very brave, Akecheta-Apenimon, and your courage standing, unarmed, beside the loggers and fishermen gave them the resolve to stand and fight. You turned those humans into warriors.”

They would have stood, Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio. I’ve come to know these woodsmen & fishermen—they have spines of steel.”

Ringo gave Daisy her challengePerhaps they would have. I have a new challenge for you, one you may refuse without my thinking less of you. I wish you to teach Renegade how to be a true wolf.”


Decide now, Renegade will be here in seconds.”

Daisy was full of doubt, but quickly bayed, “I will do this, but…”

She was interupted by the sudden appearance ofRenegade arrived in 1873

Welcome to your new home, Renegade, and your new pack-leader.” Ringo’s tail wagged as he welcomed his brother to his new future.

To be Continued…

NOTE: The “Dog Adventures” will be published on Tuesday & Wednesday every week until completed.

About Daisy Boardman

I'm a Looong-legged Beagle, and I have something to say!
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20 Responses to Daisy’s challenge

  1. lhalvor says:

    Love the clouds.


  2. You can’t teach an old dog future tricks!!


  3. Dog Adventures will soon move to weekends.


  4. Daisy Boardman says:

    Oh…JOY! I get to train Renegade? Oh…Wait….I wrote this crap!! AR-ROOO!!!


  5. Good post Daisy! Good art too! :)) xo


  6. Sarah Cooper says:

    Daisy, you are so brave!


  7. fluttermatters26 says:

    “she was in trouble”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters the brown and white lives her destiny.


  8. Chris Shouse says:

    I love this story line with the dogs and wolves. Did I see they are gonna have their own space on the weekends? Great I like that as I miss the blog on the weekends! 🙂 Your art just keeps getting better and better.


  9. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the brown and white would mess up a paint by number kit by drooling her kibbles and bits on the paper and think it was 3D!


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