“You fellas named Cairns and Sledge?”


Mr. Sam Sledge and Mr. Jack Cairns. They come highly recommended.”

Very well, Missus Simpson, we’ll find ’em, then what?” Wilson asked as he spit out a bit of chew.

They nodded as she told them, smiles flickering about their mouths.

Deputy Town Marshal Cooper entered the building and found…

Thus ends Chapter 8. We’ll leave a little hint of what Cooper found.

Season 7, Chapter 1, Episode 1:

Sarah investigated the Fishing campCooper paused in the doorway of the dimly lit cabin to allow her eyes to adjust and as they did she was horrified, there were what appeared to be human forms lying scattered everywhere. She lit the closest oil lamp and checked several of the forms—and all were dead. And mutilated—their scalps were missing. Sick at her stomach, she made for the door.

Binkley and Wilson were about two hours out of Moosehead City when they saw two riders approaching in the distance; they waved in greeting.

The riders, Sledge and Cairns, having learned a little “North Country Manners” from deputy marshals Boomer and Larry, waved in return and spurred their horses to a trot.

Loosen yer six-gun, Abel, jus’ in case…” Binkley casually unlooped his .44 as he waved again at the riders. Wilson did the same, their waves distracting the riders from seeing them prepare.

As the riders reigned-in, Binkley called out, “You fellas named Cairns and Sledge?”

Binkley and Able meet Cairns and SledgeWe are, who’s askin’?” Cairns asked, smiling. Binkley noted with no small appreciation, that both Cairns and Sledge had also unlooped their sidearms.

I’m Binkley and this here is Abel. Adelaide Simpson sent us out to meet you.”

Cooper leaned against the porch-post trying to regain her composure, Windy neighed quietly, “We have company Human-Sarah, prepare yourself.”

Sarah was surprised by three Ojibwa outside the CabinThey were three, and by their dress, they were Ojibwe braves…

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner


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10 Responses to “You fellas named Cairns and Sledge?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I think I would have thrown up too….I will bet Indians did not do it?


  2. oh my! so early i n the morning for dead scalped bodies… eww! Didnt need a visual on that! lol


  3. John James says:

    I suppose you want me to walk into that cabin? 😐


  4. I had a boyfriend I called Sledge. You keep dredging up my past!!!


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, my! What a horrible thing to find! Notice I’m now holding my gun AND my coffee — protection and a warm cup of comfort. (There may be a splash of whiskey in that coffee.)


    • No one would blame you for the “coffee royale” one little bit. All would admire your sense of priority–gun AND coffee. No one had oughta underestimate the part-time deputy town marshal of the Village of Danger Bay!


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