And with that Ringo disappeared…


At first the three wolves just sat there, looking around, sniffing the air—the scents similar yet different, a faint hint of wood-smoke, perhaps.

They padded about the immediate area, tentative as a puppy first exploring an unfamiliar place, and no one spoke.

After an hour or so, Snowstorm began to realize what may have happened, “Stay here and don’t speak,” she ordered and trotted off into the forest.

Twenty minutes later she returned with a wicked wolven smile, “Perfect!”

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 6 Dog Adventure 9:

Snowstorm and friends in 1873Why do you say this O’ my queen?”

We may now find Ringo and eliminate him here and when we return to our time—he will never have existed!”

And how do we return?”

I have the ability to return us now, I gained the power when I fought with Cujo.”

It was right after that we came here…”

Because I willed it so!”

Renegade was still a bit disoriented and coming to grasp with his new reality, “Cujo told me this will be my home and I will never return to the old place.”

It is true. You will live out your days here. You have been given what others merely wish for and seldom receive, a chance make amends for your mistakes.”

Renegade arrived in 1873 ©2012 Jack BoardmanWhat must I do?”

You must learn. From Daisy, you will learn how to lead others, from PepperCooper, resourcefulness, from Buttons, courage, from Benjamin, loyalty, and from Alice, you will learn perception—she will know our ancestor.”

And from you, brother?”

That you shall be a provisional pack member of Daisy’s pack and no more until such time as all pack members agree you are worthy of this pack.”

And with that Ringo disappeared…never to return to 1873.

To be Continued…

NOTE: The “Dog Adventures” will NOW be published on Saturday and Sunday every week until completed.

About Daisy Boardman

I'm a Looong-legged Beagle, and I have something to say!
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22 Responses to And with that Ringo disappeared…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    But he can come in 1874 right? Great job Daisy!!! I like this story 🙂


  2. Ahh Alice will teach him well! :))


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Good job Daisy! 😉


  4. This is all too righteous for me.


  5. Sarah says:

    Resourceful Pepper! If only he could clean the mud off his paws before coming back inside …


  6. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters that the disappearing fur ball will miss out on the greatest lessons known in the realm – those of the Master whose essence of being and base of knowledge transcends all space, time and place.

    With respect to “I am a RIGHTEOUS Dog-Person! AR-ROOO!!!” methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the brown and white has been scratching her spots too long. 🙂


  7. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters an appropriate on high response to the brown and white are simple cooing words such as “it’s ok little brown and white, this moment of angst will pass” accompanied by a distracting, confidence building pat on the head and a biscuit. 🙂


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