I am Enapay Chatan Silverthorn


This day was a happy one in Williams’ Station, Adelbert Simpson, Jr. had just opened the first bank in Moosehead County and the grand opening celebration was underway. Adlebert had separated from the illegal, or at least, questionable, practices of his mother and father and wanted to begin the redemption of the Simpson name—and he was well on his way.

True to his word, Grey-Wolf Silverthorn personally saw to the burial of the fishermen and he sent runners to all the villages of Moosehead County. On foot, the runners could make better time through the forest than riders on the roads.

Season VII, Chapter 1, Episode 9:

Marshal Blackmon had been away from the village on rounds and she had not received the telegraph message from Gand Marais about the attack on the fishing camp. As she returned to her office an Obibwe man trotted towards her, “I am Enapay Chatan Silverthorn, or in your language, Brave Hawk Silverthorn, son of Grey Wolf Silverthorn and brother of Little Wolf James Silverthorn. There has been a raid on the small fishing camp just north of Grand Marais; all are dead.”

I am Enapay Chatan Silverthorn How many attackers?”

We counted horse tracks for twelve riders. We know they started for Grand Marais, but turned off the trail into the forest heading west.”

That could bring them anywhere here in the county, what of the other towns?”

Messengers have been sent to Williams’ Station and Moosehead City.”

What about the stagecoach? My deputy was riding with the them.”

It was Cooper who discovered the fishermen.”

On no, how many?”

There were twenty men, all friends of my father,” Brave-Hawk hesitated before adding, “All scalped.”

AmbushedEasy, Clem, you should never underestimate a job,” turned out to be his last words and Clem never had a chance to respond as all four Ma Simpson’s men ambushed them from both sides.

Eight of Spenser/Schwarzkopf’s raiders fell wounded or dead from their horses, four escaped.

Leave no one alive,” Sam Binkley didn’t want any chance of their descriptions to get out. The four who escaped did not get a good look and too, it was pretty unlikely they would complain to any lawman.

Their work done, they were ready to ride on, “Where to, boss?”

Williams’ Station, Cairns, we need to pay a visit to Missus Simpson’s son.”

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner


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8 Responses to I am Enapay Chatan Silverthorn

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    OH my it is very dangerous out there!


  2. Theres outlaws springin up everywhere here wow!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    They’re making the undertaker a rich man!


  4. Daisy Boardman says:

    Ambush? How 30’s “B Western!” AR-ROOO!!!


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