“Have you seen Alice?” ~A NEW RW Character


Hold on Deputy Larry,” Bart, with all his experience tracking down fugitives, knew that by the time they got on the road they’d stand little chance of catching them, “Not to tell you business, but them fellas got a huge lead on us, and unless you want to track them for days…”

Good point. Whaddaya think, Jack?”

I think we need to get to Williams’ Station.”

Season VII, Chapter 1, Episode 11:

As the deputies and Bart were speaking Doc Shouse had seen to Doctor & Mrs. McLean’s accommodations at the hotel when she met a woman accompanied by couple of boys as she stepped outside, “Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Doctor Shouse, veterinarian and headmistress of the Danger Bay Orphanage.”

Outside Grand Marais Hotel Pleased to meet you, I’ve been following your adventures for some time now. What I don’t know is how I got here and why these boys have latched on to me,” Susan was still a little disoriented, “Have you seen Alice?”

Chris was dumbfounded, “Alice the Labrador?”

Yes, I want so badly to see her.”

She’s off on an adventure with the other dog-people and Ringo…”

Oh, I know, but I was hoping…it’s been so long…”

How did you get here?”

Oh my…THAT is so strange…I don’t know where to begin.”

At the beginning?”

I had just finished sending out a bunch of Apple Cakes and had decided to walk my dogs on the beach when I found myself, dressed like this, in front of a log cabin with a cup of coffee in my hand.”

Covered bridge and 21st Century Williams' StationAs she explains her experience to Doc Shouse, perhaps we should take a look at how Williams’ Station appears in the 21st Century…

Silverthorn & Cloud at Miller'sEagle Point Police Lieutenant Hy Silverthorn and Sergeant Douglas Cloud were driving through Williams’ Station on their way to Moosehead City—taking the longer “scenic route” as they had the time before meeting with Sheriff Todd McCoy there when for the first time they noticed “Mrs. Miller’s SEVEN TABLES Bakery & Restaurant” and decided to stop for coffee.

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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12 Responses to “Have you seen Alice?” ~A NEW RW Character

  1. yatters says:

    Mrs Millers has been there since 1873 and they just noticed because they took the scenic route?

    I’m thinking the boys picked some mushrooms in the forest. 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Welcome to our family!


  3. Now I’m hungry…. wanting to butter some hot biscuits.


  4. Beautiful Jack! Ahh so wonderful to have my own restaurant now..and to see Alice again will be wonderful even more! Thank you so much your the BEST!


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, Alice will be so happy to see her!!!


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