Howard and Timothy


Eagle Point Police Lieutenant Hy Silverthorn and Sergeant Douglas Cloud were driving through Williams’ Station on their way to Moosehead City—taking the longer “scenic route” as they had the time before meeting with Sheriff Todd McCoy there when for the first time they noticed “Mrs. Miller’s SEVEN TABLES Bakery & Restaurant” and decided to stop for coffee.

Season VII, Chapter 1, Episode 12:

Anyone who has ever visited Grand Marais on the North Shore knows of the donuts served at the “World’s Best Donuts” [10 East Wisconsin Street, Grand Marais] and how absolutely delicious they are; certainly Silverthorn and Cloud knew and they proclaimed the donuts at Seven Tables to be at least as good.

Silverthorn & Cloud at Miller's It’s funny we’ve never stopped here, Hy. You know cops and donuts…”

It is funny, Doug, that you of all people would perpetuate a stereotype,” Hy had to laugh. Of course since their usual business didn’t bring them often to Williams’ Station, they’d not visited the restaurant before, “You know the history of this place?”

Doug hadn’t, so Hy told the story of the original Mrs. Miller, a widow, who arrived in Grand Marais looking to start a new life. A woman of the South, she’d lost her husband in the war and had struggled for years just to survive. Like many she’d heard of the gold rush up near Vermillion in northern Minnesota and was well on her journey before learning the rush had gone bust—there was no gold.

She’d spent all her money on passage and found herself stuck in Grand Marais. While there she met two orphans who has escaped a very brutal orphanage in Saint Paul and made their way on foot to Grand Marais.

Howard was about sixteen, and his brother Timothy about twelve—neither knew for sure. They had no recollection of their parents save for the vague memories Howard had of his mother who likely died while giving birth to Timothy.

They met Mrs. Miller in Grand Marais and the three of them, refugees all, formed a bond, with Mrs. Miller officially adopting them, giving them for the first time in their memory—a last name. 

Mrs Miller and the boys worked at the Man O'War & Swenson's Mrs Miller and the boys worked at the Man O’War Pub & Swenson’s Maritime Mercantile and managed not only to get by, but to save a significant amount of money… 

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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11 Responses to Howard and Timothy

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Interesting history and great she adopted the boys. I like that 🙂


  2. Cool….sounds really good to me..;) and the two sons I have is just fine..I have always wanted a few children…they will be good company and help around the restaurant too! Yipee! The husband killed in the war..oh ? wow! He did not leave me a pension either?? lol Thanks Jack you did a fine job! Im excited! I hope my biscuits are just awesome..I do make a mean buttermilk biscuit..and I also make sweet potatoes ones too! 🙂


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m getting hungry … But I do know where to get a great breakfast!


  4. lhalvor says:

    I would bet the Worlds Best Doughnuts got their recipe from the Griffith’s. The first time I ate one tears came to my eyes(Ralph will verify). They were just like the ones made by Katie Griffith McDermid!!!


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