It actually sounds like fun. What’s next?


Howard was about sixteen, and his brother Timothy about twelve—neither knew for sure. They had no recollection of their parents save for the vague memories Howard had of his mother who likely died while giving birth to Timothy.

They met Mrs. Miller in Grand Marais and the three of them, refugees all, formed a bond, with Mrs. Miller officially adopting them, giving them for the first time in their memory—a last name.

Mrs Miller and the boys worked at the Man O’War Pub & Swenson’s Maritime Mercantile and managed not only to get by, but to save a significant amount of money…

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 15:

So now, Gentle Reader, you have a bit of the back story on just HOW we got to this point…now to continue…

How did you get here?” Chris asked.

In front of a log cabin with Cujo Oh my…THAT is so strange…I don’t know where to begin.”

At the beginning?”

I had just finished sending out a bunch of Apple Cakes and had decided to walk my dogs on the beach when I found myself, dressed like this, in front of a log cabin with a cup of coffee in my hand, and this dog—wait, I KNOW her—Cujo, was sitting next to me…”

…And you found yourself here. Maybe I can help you a bit. The town of Williams’ Station is, in 2012, a Living History Museum where in order to live there people agree to be a part of the museum by dressing in period costumes and playing the role of an 1870s citizen of the town. Everyone living there happens to be descended from someone who lived in Williams’ Station back then.”

She DISAPPEARED leaving Cujo behind I did suggest that I’d like to open a café in Danger Bay.”

We have Silverthorn’s there, and you’d have trouble competing with Hiram. It appears your destiny is to open one in Williams’ Station.”

It actually sounds like fun. What’s next?”

Adopt the boys.”

To Be Continued…

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12 Responses to It actually sounds like fun. What’s next?

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We are moving right along….like the fading of the character looks cool 🙂


  2. Good morning..Im still not cooking yet..ha ha,when you get through explaining my history Im gonna be quite busy in that kitchen..those people havent ate any good food in a long time ha ha ha..Im excited!


  3. I suspect the bakery could have fresh, nitrate-free doggie biscuits that smell like cats on the menu.


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    It’s nice to have a plan!


  5. Erik Hare says:

    7 days a week? Wow. I will have to catch up. I like how the time-travel is looping back so far, very cool, can’t wait for more!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Actually I’ve been posting 7 days/week for 2 weeks now…well, Daisy & I have been. Currently there are posts uploaded and ready to auto-deploy through the 14th of this month. If I can get a full month ahead, I will spend a couple of weeks cleaning up old posts–remind me to NEVER change formats again–that messes up the font-size. 😉


  6. John James says:

    People fading out? I’m beginning to worry about that tri-color Cujo…


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