“Are you Simpson?”


…And you found yourself here. Maybe I can help you a bit. The town of Williams’ Station is, in 2012, a Living History Museum where in order to live there people agree to be a part of the museum by dressing in period costumes and playing the role of an 1870s citizen of the town. Everyone living there happens to be descended from someone who lived in Williams’ Station back then.”

I did suggest that I’d like to open a café in Danger Bay.”

We have Silverthorn’s there, and you’d have trouble competing with Hiram. It appears your destiny is to open one in Williams’ Station.”

It actually sounds like fun. What’s next?”

Adopt the boys.”

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 16:

Okay—I guess; how is that done?”

Outside Grand Marais Hotel Well, they could just stay with you and start using the surname ‘Miller,’ or we could visit the local Justice of the Peace and make it legal. Either way, at this point you have little choice; you’ve been seen in 2012 Williams’ Station.”

Okay, where can we find this Justice of the Peace?”

Right inside the door, he’s the hotel owner, and he’s at the front desk now.”

Binkley, Wilson, Cairns and Sledge arrived in Williams’ Station several minutes ahead of Boomer, Larry and Bart Nathaniel and rode directly to the bank.

Binkley, Abel, Cairns and Sledge arrived in Williams' Station Adelbert Stanley Simpson, Jr. was feeling pretty good as he stood on the boardwalk in front of his new bank. He was chatting with an unnamed extra about…well, I guess we’ll never know because their conversation was interrupted, “Are you Simpson?”

I am. Good day sirrahs, how may I help you?” He was not feeling quite as cheerful as his voice—the physical appearance of the four men did not call for “cheerful” as much as “wary.”

We have a message from your mother, she is not pleased.”

Oh?” Simpson’s hand slowly drifted toward his sidearm…

To Be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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15 Responses to “Are you Simpson?”

  1. Wondering if I will be sporting a sidearm too..or a big cast iron skillet as my weapon 🙂


  2. John James says:

    Okay…there has to be a gunfight coming. I’ve followed long enough to know those are four bad hombres!


  3. Aaaaack. Justice of the Peace. More like … Justice of the Peace No More! Oh, I digress to the ‘m’ word… Adoption I guess is tolerable, especially if your Daddy is Brad Pitt.


  4. I was hoping you wouldn’t miss the thinly veiled typo. Little lambs going to slaughter… I do!! Joke’s on you. I don’t do THAT no more is more like it.


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    Just saying it is time for another shoot out we have not had much bloodshed in awhile. #OKCorral


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