Judge William Fairborne Fauntleroy


I am. Good day sirrahs, how may I help you?” He was not feeling quite as cheerful as his voice—the physical appearance of the four men did not call for “cheerful” as much as “wary.”

We have a message from your mother, she is not pleased.”

Oh?” Simpson’s hand slowly drifted toward his sidearm…

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 17:

They crossed the covered bridge into Williams' StationAfter they crossed the covered bridge into Williams’ Station, Bart continued on towards the bank while Boomer & Larry rode into the stockade and to the Marshal’s office inside.

We need to speak in private, Mr. Simpson,” Abel Wilson ignored Simpson’s hand near his six gun, “Is there someplace?”

Right here, or nowhere,” Simpson replied, “My friend will excuse us, so we may speak privately.”

Nathaniel arrived at the bank The unnamed extra took the cue and left—quickly, sensing things were about to get tense. He was correct in the what, just not the why.

This particular Simpson, unlike his father and great-grandson, was not a coward—or a bully; he did his own heavy lifting and had no minions working for him. “You were saying something about a message from my mother?”

Before they could answer a very large fellow riding a mule approached; Simpson noticed a change in their posture suggesting they likely knew the fellow…

This could be—interesting,” Simpson thought; a smile flickering. What he didn’t know was two of the men, Sam Sledge and Jack Cairns, had already met the big fellow

Good day Missus Miller, Doctor Shouse,” “Judge” William Fairborne Fauntleroy, Justice of the Peace and owner/operator of the Grand Marais Hotel, “How may I help you?”

Good day Judge,” Chris appreciated Fauntleroy referring to her as “Doctor,” and returned the courtesy, looking at the boys, she continued, “Mrs. Miller would like to adopt these fine young men.”

Doc Shouse & Mrs Miller in the hotel lobbyOh—certainly, Doctor. Can you attest to the character of Mrs. Miller?”

Of course, I’ve known her for what seems like centuries; she is a woman of pristine character.” Chris had trouble not laughing at the rather stilted speech of the era.

Well, then, If the boys…er…young men agree, I’ll prepare the papers.”

The “young men” agreed.

To Be Continued…

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20 Responses to Judge William Fairborne Fauntleroy

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I just love a happy ending and the boys will be well taken care of I am sure!


  2. Thank yu Chris..for saying I am of pristine character :)) not knowing me thats quite a good guess! :)) Jack love the Judges last name FauntLeroy wow..now thats a good one !! Wow I will be a mother soon eh?! cool..Hope Im a good one..if not I will get shot thats for sure or hung! ha ha ha
    Great art Jack love my dress and pinafore I had one as a child and it brings back good memories..I think 🙂 well at least I looked happy in the picture I saw lol


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Jest mind yer manners an’ teach them young fellers right, an’ you’ll not hafta worry about being hanged or shot, or both. 😀


  3. John James says:

    Uh-oh! 😀 There simply MUST be a shoot-out coming… YESSS!!!!


  4. Heaven forbid someone be hung.


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    Things are beginning to get interesting… 😉


  6. Erik Hare says:

    Stilted speech? I would give anything to hear people talk from that era! 🙂

    Great story, really stirs the imagination, IMHO.


  7. Wow the “hung” I wrote really stirred some emotions up ha ha ha I will have to remember that leaving a few words around to stir up the conversations LOL


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