It’s now official


Oh—certainly, Doctor. Can you attest to the character of Mrs. Miller?”

Of course, I’ve known her for what seems like centuries; she is a woman of pristine character.” Chris had trouble not laughing at the rather stilted speech of the era.

Well, then, If the boys…er…young men agree, I’ll prepare the papers.”

The “young men” agreed.

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 18:

Nathaniel slowly approached the bank where Sam Sledge, Jack Cairns, Abel Wilson and Samuel Binkley were talking to a large fellow. He knew Sam & Jack from his days as a bounty hunter.

Nathaniel arrived at the bankThey always seemed to be where there had been trouble, but never seemed to be implicated; Bart long suspected they were involved somehow—their relative proximity to a series of unsolved shootings was more than coincidence—but with no proof of their involvement there was little he could do.

Good day, gentlemen—and you fellas too, Sam & Jack; It’s really nice to see you—again.”

You got nothin’ on us, Bart,” Sam Sledge was nervous, he feared this man, deeply feared him; Bart’s reputation saw to that. Things hereabouts could get very tense indeed with Nathaniel around, “What brings you to these parts? You trackin’ someone?”

I might be, Sam, I just might. SHOULD I be lookin’ for you?”

We ain’t done nothin’ fer you to be lookin’ fer us.”

Well good,” Bart smiled and turning his gaze on Simpson, “This place yours?”

Simpson had been listening to the conversation with some amusement, “Adelbert Simpson, at your service Mister…”

Nathaniel, Bartholomew Nathaniel, Mister Simpson. I’d like to open an account.”

Excellent, these fellas were just leaving, our business has been completed. Come on in and we’ll set you up.”

Binkley, Wilson, Cairns and Sledge exchanged glances before mounting up and riding away, “Now, what are we gonna tell Missus Simpson?”

We might try the truth, Mr. Sledge,” Binkley said as he spurred his horse to a trot.

Doc Shouse & Mrs Miller in the hotel lobby Well, Mrs. Miller, it’s now official, meet your new step-sons!” Judge Fauntleroy beamed—but his beam was nothing compared to that of the two “young men.”

To Be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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16 Responses to It’s now official

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Glad its Official! The boys did look happy!

    I don’t think you tell Ms. Simpson any excuses! NO matter what century! 🙂


  2. Now its time to get those skillets out and start slinging some good ole hash! :)) Thanks Jack for the sons and Im hoping they are are good lot! :))


  3. John James says:

    They just rode AWAY? No gunfight? 😦


  4. yatters says:

    “his beam was nothing compared to that of the two “young men.”

    Suzie must be asleep in the saddle :>)


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    …And a restaurant dynasty is born. 😀


  6. Elizabeth M says:



  7. Thanks Sarah! Its about time I get some rug rats ha ha ha other than furry ones LOL


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