The Deposit


Excellent, these fellas were just leaving, our business has been completed. Come on in and we’ll set you up.”

Binkley, Wilson, Cairns and Sledge exchanged glances before mounting up and riding away, “Now, what are we gonna tell Missus Simpson?”

We might try the truth, Mr. Sledge,” Binkley said as he spurred his horse to a trot.

Well, Mrs. Miller, it’s now official, meet your new step-sons!” Judge Fauntleroy beamed—but his beam was nothing compared to that of the two “young men.”

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 19:

Howard & Timothy Miller now had a last name, and an actual mother. Only Howard had any memories of their birth mother, but for so many years he’d been called only by his first name at the series of rather brutal orphanages he’d cycled through, he didn’t remember his surname.

Doc Shouse & Mrs Miller in the hotel lobby ©2012 Jack Boardman Okay, boys, we have a stagecoach to catch,” Mrs. Miller said with no small amount of joy, “And your future to build.”

The three quickly prepared to leave Grand Marais and were soon outside near the coach; to start their journey to Williams’ Station.

Good day to you, Marshal Williams, it appears there may be a bit of a problem developing at the bank,” Boomer cheerfully announced as he and Deputy US Marshal Larry Yatkowsky rode onto the stockade.

And you’ve come here instead of going to the bank?”

The deputies arrived at the Williams' Station marshal's office ©2012 Jack Boardman We figured the problem will be resolved without our interference,” Larry grinned, “The fella we rode in with, Mr. Bartholomew Nathaniel, had business at the bank and I have the impression the problem will soon evaporate.”

You two are a big help. Marshal McIntyre didn’t tell me you two were lazy, no-account, worthless lawman wannabes.”

You didn’t ask him, did you.”

Bart Nathaniel and Adelbert Simpson went inside the bank and Nathaniel looked around a bit; he took in the sturdy thick log walls, the barred access to the windowless vault room and the windowless sidewalls of the building—and smiled. If not robbery and burglary proof, it was close, “I’d like to open an account, Mr. Simpson and this appears to be a bank that can handle it.”

Nathaniel & Simpson in the bank ©2012 Jack BoardmanVery well, Mr. Nathaniel, how much were you planning on depositing?”

Nathaniel quietly told Simpson, to his astonishment, “Really?”

To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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14 Responses to The Deposit

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    How much we talking here??? 🙂


  2. Good God a loaded man..its about time..and sounds like he is a dude not to be reckoned with! Susie check him out cowgal!


  3. Good God a loaded man..its about time..and sounds like he is a dude not to be reckoned with! Susie check him out cowgal! Im excited about my stagecoach ride yipeeeee! Cant wait to see me in that bad ride!


  4. Hmm now thats strange..or spooky maybe 🙂 double posting dont know how that happened!


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    I want to be friends with Bartholomew Nathaniel. $$$ 😀


  6. Sarah Cooper says:

    So glad those boys have a last name and a Momma!


  7. yatters says:

    “didn’t tell me you two were lazy, no-account, worthless lawman wannabes”

    Somebody once said – ‘A man has got to know his limitations’


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