I’m secretly hoping for some excitement


Bart Nathaniel and Adelbert Simpson went inside the bank and Nathaniel looked around a bit; he took in the sturdy thick log walls, the barred access to the windowless vault room and the windowless sidewalls of the building—and smiled. If not robbery and burglary proof, it was close, “I’d like to open an account, Mr. Simpson and this appears to be a bank that can handle it.”

Very well, Mr. Nathaniel, how much were you planning on depositing?”

Nathaniel quietly told Simpson, to his astonishment, “Really?”

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 20:

Well—yes, it’s in the saddlebags,” Nathaniel replied, “You expected me to send twenty-five thousand dollars by stagecoach? Those things get robbed.”

Ah, yes…there have been reports of highwaymen about.”

What did Sledge and his friends want? They’re not the uh…most wholesome of character.”

Nathaniel & Simpson in the bank ©2012 Jack BoardmanIt would seem that my dear mother wants a share of the bank’s profits—her business in Moosehead City is not doing so well since the US Marshal arrived.”

I take it you refused…”


The stagecoach was ready to pull out of Grand Marais and the Millers were ready to board, the boys excited about the adventure they were about to begin—their first as part of a family in many years.

Missus Miller and orphans ready to board the stagecoach ©2012 Jack BoardmanThe scheduled first stop was Williams’ Station some six hours away. With Doc McLean in town, Doc Shouse was free to leave. McLean would continue the work she’d done on controlling infection with the local doctor, so she would accompany Deputy Cooper as an outrider for the stagecoach, “I sure hope this leg of the journey is a little less exciting than the first.”

Oh Sarah, I’m secretly hoping for some excitement—maybe a couple of shoot-outs…” Chris placed her hand on her .44, emphasizing her words.

Sarah figured Chris was kidding—but her expression gave Sarah no clue.

The news that Grand Marais was essentially closed to out-of-work desperados spread quickly, but the money being offered for their services was too good to ignore—so they adapted.

Chauncy Marion Fensterwald III at the hotel ©2012 Jack BoardmanGood day sir, I’ve just come in from Duluth with a shipment of horses for a Mr. Spenser…”

Thus ends Chapter 1, but our story? To be Continued…Refreshment Banner

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11 Responses to I’m secretly hoping for some excitement

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I’m with Chris!


  2. Awesome StageCoach Jack..glad I get to load up and go for a ride!! yipeeee!


  3. Sturdy thick logs and rough riding stagecoaches…. here we go!! Giddy up.


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    OH!!! Shoot out! I feel my trusty .44 is ready for some action and maybe just maybe I will get to be part of one!!! Woot 🙂


  5. John James says:

    I don’t believe there will be a shoot-out. I’ve been led down this path before.


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