Catching up

Author’s Note: Today we begin to catch up on the happenings in modern Port of Danger Bay. Our time-traveling heroes have been gone for only four weeks “Today-time…”

From: New Danger Bay history discovered—Part 3:

“…Adlebert Junior and his mother ran the Dance Hall in Moosehead City…”

Medlar Farkleberry had a younger brother, Matthew…”

“…there was an orphanage here in Danger Bay…”

They spoke of a large Negro US Marshal who spoke in ‘rumbles,’ and two deputies who liked to complain, but for some reason none of them are mentioned by name…”

Erik arrived in Silverthorn's Café ©2011 Jack Boardman“…maybe that’s where Marshal Blackmon, Boomer and Big Mac and the others are—no one has seen them for weeks…”

It would seem our friends are discovering our missing history,” Hiram said, “I just hope they aren’t changing it.”

THAT got Erik’s complete attention. He quickly finished his coffee and paid his tab, and as he walked toward the door he thought, “There’s something not being considered, mostly because they haven’t observed it; Cujo is involved—I must talk to her.”

Erik didn’t exactly talk with Cujo…But found himself in the 19th Century…

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 1:

Erik had just completed his instruction at the schoolhouse for the day and was looking forward to spending some time down by the lake, reading.

Deputies Boomer & Larry decided to walk from the stockade to the bank—they’d heard that as part of the bank’s grand opening, Adelbert Simpson has imported some really fine ale.

Deputy Cooper and Doctor Shouse were on the road escorting the stagecoach. They were looking beyond the Williams’ Station stop to the next stop in Moosehead City and seeing Big Mac—it had been too long since they’d heard his rumbling laugh.

US Marshal Carl “Big Mac” McIntyre was not looking forward to the expected visit from Adelaide “Ma” Simpson, those meetings never went well.

Danger Bay Town Marshal Susie Blackmon had just begun walking to Silverthorn Trading, her mind was on all the reports of highwaymen roaming the roads.

Not one of these folks arrived at their destination…Suddenly they saw color ©2012 Jack Boardman

Suddenly they saw COLOR!

To be Continued…


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12 Responses to Catching up

  1. John James says:

    I suppose they could be set-upon in modern times and have a gunfight. 😦


  2. yatters says:

    Whilst tidying up it would seem the codger found a new box of crayons in time for Valentines 🙂


  3. Erik Hare says:

    “suddenly they saw COLOR!”

    That happens to me a lot. 🙂 Yes, what has been happening in the year 2012? 🙂


  4. Daisy Boardman says:

    And just WHERE are the DOG-PEOPLE? AR-ROOO!!!


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    What? No dog people!!! No Buttons, Daisy, or Alice ,or Pepper? Whatever shall we do? I with you JJ now the gunfight is on hold and I just know I was going to get to participate! Finally 🙂


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