“Of COURSE things have been quiet—you’ve been gone!”


My 1873 hair finally made it to 2012.”

I’m still short—Dammit!” Larry groused, “How come you got a new face and jacket, Chris?”

Boomer and Susie just exchanged bemused glances and Erik was busy scribbling notes.

Saddle-up everyone, Cujo seems to think we gotta go into town, to Silverthorn’s Café. We’ve been missing for four weeks and some are becoming concerned.”

Someone actually missed Larry?”

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 5:

The only car available was Susie’s vintage Range Rover, so with Susie and Sarah occupying the two seats in front, the rest had ride in the open back.

On Historic US 61 ©2012 Jack BoardmanMedlar Farkleberry had rebuilt the engine and added a supercharger, after all—it was to be used as a police interceptor—and the Marshal was unafraid to put the pedal to the metal.

To say it was a rollicking-ride would be a bit of an understatement, and curiously enough after months of relatively sedate speeds—everyone in back was hanging on and smiling. Except Chris, “Faster, Susie, faster!”

There was no room to park in front of Silverthorn’s Café as it appeared there was a cop-convention going on inside, so Susie did what any self-respecting cop would do—she parked facing the wrong way on the other side of the street.

They found the cops outside Silverthorn's ©2012 Jack BoardmanCob Pettigrew the Port of Danger Bay’s Harbormaster and chief of the Harbor Patrol quickly went inside and by the time Susie crossed Silverthorn Avenue/Historic US 61, he had returned with a mug of Silverthorn’s North Woods roast coffee, “Nice to see you, Stringbean, you’re late for our meeting—again.”

Good morning Short-Snort, miss me?”

You were gone?”

Susie remained outside Silverthorn's ©2012 Jack BoardmanPettigrew, Lieutenant Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. chief of the Eagle Point Tribal Police Department and Moosehead County Sheriff Todd McCoy met daily at Silverthorn’s to share information, and Town Marshal Susie Blackmon had been absent for four weeks.

I take it things have been quiet.”

Of COURSE things have been quiet—you’ve been gone!” Pettigrew’s voice changed to a rumbling laugh.

To be Continued…


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18 Responses to “Of COURSE things have been quiet—you’ve been gone!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Faster Faster oh I do like speed! Seems they did not really miss us 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Oh yeah…they did! Cob’s “You were gone?” was said ironically. Do you really think Susie, OUR Susie’s absence WOULDN’T be noticed? LOL! 😀


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    It feels mighty-good NOT to be wearing that sawed-off 8-gauge and .44 on my hips! By the way, has my Lightning “arrived (been drawn)” yet? I wanna go flying! 😀


  3. Love the Range Rover.wow nice, Jack! Where am I ..still in the time warp I reckon! 🙂 Thats ok! Looks like yall had a full truck anyway ha ha ha funny them all riding in the back LOL


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    I kind of expected to see all the pooches chasing the speeding car!


  5. That Range Rover shot gives a whole new meaning to men in the bed…. packing.


  6. fluttermatters26 says:

    By way of casual observance methinks thinks Fluttermatters as he refers to Ms. Susie’s view of things that had the men been packing the range rover would have been tilting on its rear wheels.

    As the Master so eloquently noted. ‘It’s all in the details”! 🙂


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