Boomer was taken aback


Yuh actually met Medlar, Valentinius and Matthew Farklberry” Medlar Farkleberry was in awe, he know of his namesake great-grandfather, but nothing of Medlar’s brothers, “What are they like?”

Like you and Shaddock, they’re Farkleberrys,” Sarah smiled, like everyone else when talking to or about any Farkleberry, “They’re quite remarkable, really.”

Always there when you need them,” Chris added, “Matt taught me how to shoot, and Val stood with Marshal Angus McGillicuddy when Grand Marais was attacked by raiders.”

Grampa Medlar ain’t married, is he?”

No, not yet…”

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 7:

As Boomer, Larry & Big Mac walked to the counter, Kiwidinok (Kiwi) went into the back of the café returning a moment later with an old photograph, “Thanks to you guys, we found this—it the attic of our house.”

Old portrait of James & Nitika Silverthorn ©2012 Jack BoardmanThey’re not married…yet.”

Knock it off, Larry,” Mac rumbled, “The wedding’s scheduled for next week.”

What are they like?”

Kuckunniwi (Little Wolf) James is a lot like Hiram Junior in temperament, and Nitika (Angel of precious stones)-Keezeekoni (Burning Fire) is a most assertive young woman,” Mac smiled as he thought about this diminutive woman with a huge personality.

I can’t help but notice you two didn’t waste any time recreating the buckskins they wore,” Boomer had been admiring the well-made replica tunics they were wearing, “very nice.”

We found those in our attic as well—they’re not replicas—the replicas are being made for us on the Rez. These will be given to the Reservation Museum when the new ones are finished.”

Larry Boomer and Carl in Silverthorn's ©2012 Jack BoardmanHiram & Kiwi had many more questions and the boys answered as best they could. Boomer was taken aback by, “Your son seems to enjoy flying your Mustang.”

“He WHAT?”

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to Boomer was taken aback

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Seems to me my ex-brother-in-law had a radio-controlled Mustang monowing aircraft. Quite zippy and extremely maneuverable, good for stunts. I’m guessing THIS Mustang, though, is not supposed to be an aircraft? 😉


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Yes, a P-51B-10NA Mustang named [big surprise] “Daisy” it is equipped with a “Malcolm Hood” which was a bubble type canopy around the pilot’s area of the birdcage. Max speed was 440 mph at 25,000 feet. Probably more than you wanted to know–right?
      It looks just like this: 😀


      • John James says:

        Okay…cool! Do you get into dogfights with it? Does it have working guns? If not, why not? 😉


      • Elizabeth M says:

        Cool! I believe it *is* the exact replica RC Mustang that ex-bro had! That thing WAS used for races and “dogfights” in RC clubs, being very fast. I hadn’t recognised it before from your Daisy picture. Wish I had a chance to ride in a real one!


        • Jack Boardman says:

          Me too! There IS a P51C (identical to the “B” model, just built in a different factory) that lives at South Saint Paul Fleming Field…but it seats only one. It is configured as a Tuskeegee Airmen Red Tail Mustang. I visit every chance I get. 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Love the buckskins! LOL JJ wanting to fight again! 🙂


  3. Love the Indian diggs! cool I want some! 🙂


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