“You want ‘er?”


I can’t help but notice you two didn’t waste any time recreating the buckskins they wore,” Boomer had been admiring the well-made replica tunics they were wearing, “very nice.”

We found those in our attic as well—they’re not replicas—the replicas are being made for us on the Rez. These will be given to the Reservation Museum when the new ones are finished.”

Hiram & Kiwi had many more questions and the boys answered as best they could. Boomer was taken aback by, “Your son seems to enjoy flying your Mustang.”

“He WHAT?”

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 8:

I really need to get to the airfield, Hiram, may I get a ride?”

Before answering, Hiram looked up to see a broadly smiling Lar Farkleberry, who had left the café moments before, walking in with a broad smile on his face, “Yes, Boomer, I think we can get you a ride.”

Larry Boomer and Carl in Silverthorn's ©2012 Jack BoardmanChris, Sarah and Erik had just left to go, respectively, to PawZ, Cooper’s General Store and the SS Duluth (Erik’s 1920’s steamer yacht) to attend each to their own business—while they had the chance—not knowing when, not if, they would be drawn back to 1873.

Come with me, fellers, I got sumptin t’show ya.”

They walked towards Farkleberry’s Star Service (Full Service Only – Attendant on Duty) and as they approached Boomer’s eyes widened, “Could it be?” he thought…

Other than being a sedan, and not a four-door hardtop, it was a light green over dark green, wide white-wall tires, dual exhausts—a 1957 Buick Roadmaster—nearly identical to the one his parents owned from 1958 to 1960—and Boomer’s all-time favorite car.

At Farkleberry's Star Service ©2012 Jack BoardmanBoomer barely heard Farkleberry telling him the story about how he came to possess the car several months before they were sent into the past. He’d won the car along with another Buick, a 1956 Buick Special ex-California Highway Patrol cruiser from a foolish car-collector who’d bet Lar that he couldn’t get the ’56 to run. Being a kind man, Farkleberry gave the collector a ’58 Mercury he’d grown tired of, to soften the blow. 

That one was refurbished and sold to the town of Williams’ Station for their yet-to-be-hired Township Marshal.

You want ‘er?”

H-how much?”

To be Continued…


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15 Responses to “You want ‘er?”

  1. yatters says:

    “No Gas Sold between 7 pm and 7 am.”

    Begs the question – (ahem, cough, snort) – what is for sale ?


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “Begs the question – (ahem, cough, snort) – what is for sale?”

      Only YOU would ask such a question. Farkleberry’s Star Service is closed from 7PM-7AM. Everybody KNOWS there’s a 24 hour “Gas~N~Go” up there on the expressway!


  2. Whoa!!! Bad to the bone ride Jack..love it!!


  3. Elizabeth M says:

    Yummy! Great ride, except for the tendency to choke during the winters here on the frozen tundra…


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “…tendency to choke during the winters…”

      THAT was not a problem with that car; two major engine repairs sent Dad back to Fords after three Buick Roadmasters in late 1960. That ’60 Galaxie 500 was the car I learned to drive in. The “Northern Tundra” was hard on all points & plugs, tune twice a year cars. He always had “head-bolt heaters’ installed to help ensure they started. 🙂


      • Elizabeth M says:

        Smart man! Besides, the interior warmed up a lot faster, too ;-). I had a Galaxy 500 for awhile. The only car I’ve ever had that hated me! Always breaking down, and *always* on the way to work! I sold it to Jan’s husband, and it behaved like HIS best friend…


  4. I’ve never heard of head-bolt heaters but I’ve been known to wear a buckskin tunic.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      I imagine you haven’t ~ They’re electrical devices to warm the car’s engine to make it easier to start a car in cold weather. Buckskin tunic? I’ll see what I can do for you. 😀


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    Sweet ride! Beautiful picture but your art is always superb!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Thank you Chris. That Buick was one I saw and photographed…then removed the background stuff & windows. It was the wrong colors…so I used Photoshop Magic to adjust the colors. For once…it WORKED!!!


  6. lhalvor says:

    Good job with the car. Sweet


  7. sgtmajcarl says:

    I LOVE those old boats! 😉


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