Williams’ Station


You know, Kiwi, our mid-day relief should be here in a few minutes (their grandson, Sam, Jr. and his wife, Jane); why don’t we have lunch in Williams’ Station?”

Because Lar is fixing our car?”

My car was in for some work before we ‘disappeared,’ I’m sure Lar has finished the work, it’s been a month,” Chris laughed.

It was, and they were soon on the road to Williams’ Station.

As it (conveniently) happened, Boomer, Larry and Big Mac arrived in Williams’ Station within’ minutes of the Silverthorns and company.

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 10:

They Met at Seven Tables ©2012 Jack BoardmanThey found Susan on the sidewalk near her catering truck; she had just finished delivering the morning’s orders to Moosehead City. She was delighted to see her friends, after all they had helped her start her Seven Tables operation more than a century ago.

Susie saw Boomer, Larry, Carl pull up down the street and begin talking with a cop, and since cops tend to be drawn to cops wherever they find them. She excused herself and walked towards them.

Sarah Chris and the Silverthorns in Seven Tables ©2012 Jack BoardmanLet me show you around my place, unless I miss my guess, there is a batch of ‘Fresh Apple Cake’ just out of the oven.”

My mouth is already watering,” Kiwi loved Seven Tables’ apple cake, “Let’s go.”

You’re the town marshal? How did you manage that?”

Andrew looked at his father, smiled, and with a hint of irony in his voice, “I applied for the job.”

That easy?” Carl rumbled through a laugh, “Just ‘applied’ and you got the job?”

I was the only applicant. Devil Track Township sent me to Duluth for a concentrated cyber law-enforcement certification course—oh, Dad, I borrowed the Mustang to save time; I hope you don’t mind.”

Mind over matter,” Larry quipped, “If he minds—it doesn’t matter.”

They met at the Marshal's Office ©2012 Jack BoardmanThank you Larry—for putting this all in perspective,” Boomer had to laugh. That Andrew could manage all this really was not all THAT much of a surprise, “So, busting a lot of bad folks?”

Not so much; an occasional ale-soaked tourist requires a time-out in my cross-bar room, but that’s about it.”

Hmmpf!” Susie snorted, “You should have come with us; you’d have had a whole lot of fun wearing that tin star.”

I’ve read the history—I like drunks much better.”

To be Continued… 

NOTE: I can no longer continue to post regularly on WEEKENDS, due to the time it takes to write & illustrate each post.


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16 Responses to Williams’ Station

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Your illustrations are getting better and more complicated. I don’t mind less often; I can’t keep up as it is!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      TELL ME ABOUT KEEPING-UP! LOL! Writing this stuff is relatively easy, but the layered drawings take FOREVER! Fortunately each layer once completed is saved. Note the street lamps, I drew only one a few years ago and use it over and over, same for the trees, doors, windows, etc. Thank goodness for layers! 😀


  2. LOVE IT I got a food truck too! AWESOMENESS! Thank you Jack!!!! My place looks really nice..love the blue rug!!! very cool !!!


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    Ooooo! My Beta Andrew! AR-ROOOO!!!!!


  4. Yum. Apple Cake and good coffee! The sound of Susie Two-Trips is starting to sound good to me.


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    Suddenly I feel the need for a fresh apple cake …


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    mmmmm fresh apple cake sounds wonderful too bad there is not cyber-smell a vision! Love the drawings you are just amazing! 🙂 Seven Tables and the Catering truck look awesome! Susan you must be very proud! Welcome cyber Andrew 🙂


  7. John James says:

    Do you even remember how to draw a gun?


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