Night Eagle


There were no other customers there as the lunch rush was still a half-hour off, and the scheduled tours were still in progress, they went to the counter, where Susan served each the specialty of the day AND a piece of Fresh Apple Cake.

Susan was a little concerned as the history stopped just as she and her step-sons were leaving 1873 Grand Marais, “So what happened after we left Grand Marais?”

We have no idea,” Sarah replied, “That’s when we were brought back to the present.”

But everything will turn out okay, right?”

We can’t know that,” Chris replied.Sarah Chris and the Silverthorns in Seven Tables ©2012 Jack Boardman

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 12:

So, could I just…just…disappear?”

I’m afraid so,” Chris replied gently.

Cujo will send us back and we’ll do our best to make sure this place gets started,” Sarah was confident and that gave Susan some comfort.

I hope so.”

They met at the Marshal's Office ©2012 Jack BoardmanOkay, fellas, saddle-up; we have a Lightning to inspect,” Mac boomed, trying, but not succeeding to conceal his excitement.

I’ll tell Cooper,” Susie laughed as she started back to Seven Tables, “She’s a bit of a propeller-jockey since you taught her to fly your L16 float.”

We’ll pick her up out in front of Seven Tables.”

So, you seem to be enjoying your new gig?”

I am, Dad, but I could use a little more excitement.”

Be careful what you wish for,” Larry, was thinking about 1873 as he spoke, “Sometimes it’s more than you want.”

Soon they were speeding down Historic US 61 towards the Danger Bay Airfield—Boomer seriously tried to keep the speed down—but Mac would have nothing to do with that idea, “C’mon, Jack, show us what this old RoadMONSTER can do!”

Speeding down Historic US 61 ©2012 Jack Boardman She could do plenty. Even in her day she was considered a fast car, but with the modernizing of her engine & transmission by Lar Farkleberry…

A little slower, please,” Sarah didn’t mind some speed but she noticed the old-fashioned “ribbon” speedometer indicating a speed well to the north of one-hundred.

You’ve been overruled, Carl,” Boomer laughed as he slowed to a much more moderate sixty-five, “We’ll be there in ten minutes—tops.”

And so they were. And there it was…

Lightning strikes Danger Bay Field ©2012 Jack Boardman…With a broadly-smiling Medlar Farkleberry standing next to the P38M Night Fighter.

Painted on her nose was a Bald Eagle with talons extended and the name “Night Eagle” painted below, “I hope you don’t mind the nose art, an eagle of your acquaintance suggested it.”

Mac simply smiled ©2012 Jack BoardmanMac simply smiled.

To be Continued… 

NOTE: I can no longer continue to post regularly on WEEKENDS, due to the time it takes to write & illustrate each post.


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15 Responses to Night Eagle

  1. Beautiful pic with the car running down the road! And….the plane the plane is awesome!! Love how you intertwine old and new in your blog! so cool! That would be just like me worried about whats to be..and wondering what will happen next ha ha ha
    Thanks again for putting me into your very cool blog..I am anxious every morning to get up and read whats goin on 🙂 :Look forward to seeing my Alice one day also might I add! 🙂


  2. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Did the Night Fighter really have double rudders?


  3. “Sometimes it’s more than you want.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Love the eagle, but that ZOOOOOOOOM! picture is awesome!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      It was really fun to assemble…all layers blurred – except for the Buick (and the Buick’s wheels were blurred). The only worry I had was the camera moving at the same speed as the car…what if it smacked into a tree? 😀


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    I wish I could hit the “Like” button twice! LOVE the lightning, Jack! 😀


  6. John James says:

    Are those GUNS on the front of the planes? 😉


  7. lhalvor says:

    Love the racing graphics! And the Eagle.


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