Riding into Danger–Cliffhangar


Sarah was thinking how great the daily showers had been in 2012, something people rarely think about the 19th Century. Before she could reply to Chris there was rustling in the brush on their left—both reached for their weapons as they turned to face the sound.

Deputy Sarah, I am Grey Wolf Silverthorn,” a voice came from the brush…

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 18:

Grey Wolf! You gave us quite a scare,” Sarah placed her Sharps back in it’s scabbard and Chris holstered her revolver.

Grey Wolf Silverthorn warns Chris & Sarah ©2012 Jack BoardmanWe think there are dozens of raiders in the area, but so far they’ve eluded us as we tracked your progress along the road. My scouts tell me there are several burned-out homesteads between Williams’ Station and Danger Bay.”

How many…” Chris began…

No one hurt or killed, the homesteaders were warned by my scouts and are being led through the forest to Danger Bay.”

Oh good,” Chris replied, “I’d hate it if…”

SILENCE! The crow speaks,” Grey Cloud cocked his head a little. They could hear the “caws” of crows and could make nothing of it.

But to Grey Cloud, the tone and cadence of the calls varied, a code developed by the Eagle Point Ojibwa to communicate with one another, “Many riders coming, they will be here soon!”

The new lawman had just left Grand Marais and was enjoying the ride thus far; every now and again he’d dismount and practice drawing and firing his big Colt .45 “Peacemaker,” and thought he was getting the hang of it. He was lost in thought—for one thing he was wondering if he’d ever get used to the sepia-toned scenery and for another—he never quite finished the thought…A new lawman arrived in Moosehead County ©2012 Jack Boardman

Riders coming; many riders,” his horse (“Horse?” he thought) whinnied, we are in danger!”

Erik had seen US Marshal McIntyre ride up. Curious, he stepped outside to hear, “Okay fellas, it’s time to ride. Mr. Simpson, I suggest you get ready and make the stockade your shelter if need be. Larry, Boomer, get your horses and Marshal Williams—we gotta ride—NOW!”

Wait for me, I want to help!”

Marshals & Nathaniel began search for raiders ©2012 Jack Boardman  Soon the six of them were riding over the covered bridge—and into danger—danger like none had ever experienced—EVER!

To be Continued…


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28 Responses to Riding into Danger–Cliffhangar

  1. John James says:

    Sure…they’ll want to serve tea to the bad guys and discover they have none. 😦


  2. Ooooh weeee, I want to watch the new lawman dismount and practice drawing and firing his big Colt .45 “Peacemaker.”


  3. and so goes another Friday cliffhanger Jack your good at that!! Have a good one!


  4. Nancy says:

    I am an artist,so was hoping the sentence would read, that he dismounted to practice drawing and ‘painting!’ 😱


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    EVER?! An epic cliffhanger!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Ahhhh…you have NO IDEA, Deputy Cooper. I just completed next Friday’s cliffhanger…the “EVER” is continued then too. Milking it for all it’s worth! 😛


  6. Erik Hare says:

    Covered bridges do sound like a good place for a trap, I have to admit. I think I’d be a bit more careful, especially if the horse is nervous. Horse know stuff. 🙂
    Can’t wait until Monday to see how it goes!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      The bridge is safe…I failed to leave an disassembled version, and, the forces going after our little party are huge…50 riders.


  7. sgtmajcarl says:

    You’re digging us into a hole, there, DEPUTY! 😛


  8. lhalvor says:

    Are you ever going to the future ala Star Trek?


    • Jack Boardman says:

      The future? Unlikely; for a couple of reasons – I’d have to decide what KIND of future we’re looking at, and once having made that decision, I would have to come up with an entire new set of appropriate illustrations for the future. Waaaay too much work.


  9. Chris Shouse says:

    I like cliffhangers!


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