Marshal Blackmon and her posse


Good day fellas, where ya heading?”

Good day Marshal, we’re heading for Williams’ Station, we’ve been told they’re looking for settlers and there’s plenty of room there.”

As it happens, that’s where I’m headed, you were going the wrong way. You should know, there are highwaymen about, and there’s safety in numbers,” AJ was suspicious of these guys—a gut feeling, if you will, “We should ride together.”

His first critical decision as a lawman—will he come to regret it?

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 20:

Marshal Blackmon and her posse saw no signs of the raiders thus far, but they began to see homesteaders heading toward the village and heard from them reports of burned-out farmsteads with no sign of the families that had been there; either dead or alive.

They passed wagon after wagon heading towards town and it appeared as though the word may have gotten out on time, something all of them wanted to believe.

Blackmon's posse met homesteaders ©2012 Jack BoardmanThey were careful and occasionally James and Brave Hawk Silverthorn would ride on both flanks through the forest to both look for stragglers and more importantly to check out possible ambushes.

AJ knew he had to ride in front of the men to make them think he was unconcerned, and perhaps he shouldn’t be concerned, they just may have been telling him the truth.

As they turned away from the lake onto the road leading to Williams’ Station, AJ’s gelding whinnied. His friends heard only the whinny, but he heard “There are friends watching us, you may relax a little.”

Deputy AJ and his new friends ©2012 Jack BoardmanEasy for you to say, horse.”

You talk to your horse, too?” Jason Simmons asked, “These other fellas give me crap when I do.”

Then you horse is better company, I suspect,” AJ turned towards them to reply and as he did, he noticed.

He casually looked to the other side and recognized a very good friend of his—but said nothing—he knew he had some good allies to either side of him.

Deputy AJ did but his new friends didn't notice ©2012 Jack BoardmanThat particular friend’s tail began to wag.

To be Continued…


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15 Responses to Marshal Blackmon and her posse

  1. Horses are always better company than most humans!! Nicker, nicker.


  2. lynn says:

    Love the pic. I would love to go to the poss it would be nice.


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ah, it’s good to have friends!


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    The activity is picking up! It’s good to see our favorite critters back in action. 😀


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    Good to see the our friends back in the picture and may I say a wonderful picture? 🙂


  6. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters there are more fur balls than trees.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Methinks thinks Fluttermatters there are more fur balls than trees.”

      METHINKS, the bird requires a lesson or six in counting! 😛


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