There was only one little problem…


As they turned away from the lake onto the road leading to Williams’ Station, AJ’s gelding whinnied. His friends heard only the whinny, but he heard “There are friends watching us, you may relax a little.”

Easy for you to say, horse.”

You talk to your horse, too?” Jason Simmons asked, “These other fellas give me crap when I do.”

Then you horse is better company, I suspect,” AJ turned towards them to reply and as he did, he noticed.

He casually looked to the other side and recognized a very good friend of his—but said nothing—he knew he had some good allies to either side of him.

That particular friend’s tail began to wag.

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 21:

Benji, Renegade, Alice, Star, Daisy, Flutters, Buttons, Wingfoot and PepperCooper had been working together for some time now, mostly reorienting Renegade (attitude adjustment) to his true destiny—protecting his ancestors: Star & Wingfoot, the first known sentient wolves.

Larry FlutterMatters observed AJ & company ©2012 Jack BoardmanThey decided to send Flutters to follow AJ as he was less likely to be noticed, and they would follow at a safe distance to avoid notice, yet be close enough if and when needed.

Flutters seemed to drift in and out of reality as he flew as every now and again he’d squawk out Karma’s name, quietly.

The five surviving raiders were disarmed and arrested by Cooper, with no small assistance from Chris and Matt Farkleberry. Their hands were tied to their saddles and the journey to Williams’ Station resumed.

Chris & Sarah arrived in Williams' Station with captured raiders ©2012 Jack BoardmanThey arrived a few hours later and were greeted by several townspeople. Susan and the boys, entered the abandoned log building that would soon become Seven Tables to look around.

The prisoners at the marshal's office ©2012 Jack BoardmanChris, Cyrus, Matt and Sarah brought the prisoners into the stockade. Sarah rummaged through the desk and found some deputy’s badges and tossed one to each of her friends, “I don’t know if this is legal, but you are now deputies. Let’s take these boys to the jail across the parade ground and lock’em up.”

There's a lot of dust ahead, move into the brushThere’s a lot of dust ahead, move into the brush,” Mac called out and they quickly moved a fair distance into the forest.

There was only one little problem…

Raiders find McIntyre & company ©2012 Jack Boardman…I hate it when that happens!

To be Continued…


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16 Responses to There was only one little problem…

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    How did they tie the raiders’ hands to their saddles without chafing the horses? (Not being equine literate)


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Hands were secured to brass/steel loops (for securing stuff like bed rolls, canteens, rifles, ropes, etc.) sewn into the saddles. Most of the saddles used here are military “McClellan Saddles” with a few western saddles. 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I look pretty good with a badge on! Did you know I am left handed? Glad the animals are back 🙂


  3. I’ve been known to call out my own name by mistake… does that mean I am sentient?


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    That looks like a big problem!


  5. John James says:

    The guns are out–there IS hope! 😉


  6. Hay yall Im still here jus meandering around lol 🙂 Glad to see the pooches are back 🙂


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