A long siege


By what odds?” Professor Hare asked wryly, wondering why they hadn’t packed a Gatling Gun or six.

A mere twenty-five to one.”

Elfego Baca had worse odds at the ‘Frisco Shootout‘ in 1884.” Erik replied—immediately regretting that reference, since that was eleven years in the future. Luckily neither Bart Nathaniel or Bill Williams heard him.

Thunderhoof suggested they find Marshal Blackmon, reasoning that she would be patrolling the roads and trails on the bluffs above Danger Bay, making her the closest help available. The others agreed and they set out to find her.

That they would find Blackmon was more or less certain; would it be on time?

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 25:

It is considered wise when setting out on an armed reconnaissance sortie to pack a reasonable amount of supplies; food and water come to mind right away, but arms and ammunition are even more important. Bart Nathaniel was a very experienced man-hunter and before they left insisted they concentrate on the latter rather than the former. His reasoning was simple: there were many clear water streams in the area and game was plentiful; so packing food other than some beef or venison jerky was a waste of precious space.

His advice was taken, and they packed an impressive amount of ammunition, fully loaded cylinders for the cap and ball Colt and Remington .44s, bandoliers for the more modern Colt .45s, Henry Rifles and Sharps’ Carbines, and loose powder and miniballs to reload cylinders and for Nathaniels’ Kentucky Long Rifle.

Cabin under siege ©2012 Jack BoardmanThe first assault was from the front and sides and each man took a window, starting with their rifles and as the raiders got closer, their handguns, wreaking havoc with the attacking raider lines and causing them to falter, pause and fall back out of range. Lieutenant Calhoun had misjudged his enemy—he wouldn’t do that again. He changed his strategy.

He assigned sharpshooters to fire at the windows on all sides of the cabin to give the occupants no rest and prevent them from moving around freely. He would wear them down, and maybe get them to waste ammunition with return fire.

Meanwhile…the horses found Marshal Blackmon and company.They found Marshal Blackmon ©2012 Jack Boardman

To be Continued…


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13 Responses to A long siege

  1. Oh goody..Susi will come to the rescue 🙂 What a gal! 🙂


  2. John James says:

    FINALLY! Shootin’!


  3. Erik Hare says:

    That’s a wee bit more than recon they are conducting!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Well, they DID expect to be on the road awhile, and there’s no convenience stores handy to restock. 😉


  4. Daisy Boardman says:

    Okay, I’m NOT reading ahead (‘though I could, y’know), but I don’t like this at ALL, Alpha-Jack! AR-ROOO!!!!


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    I know they are too smart to just go a shooting willy nilly….they will just sit back and let them waster their ammunition! Yea Susi to the rescue…you go girl !!!


    • sgtmajcarl says:

      Susie’s and Sarah’s posses combined don’t near enough firepower, but they could give the raiders something to think about. 😉


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