“Are you with us, deputy?”


He assigned sharpshooters to fire at the windows on all sides of the cabin to give the occupants no rest and prevent them from moving around freely. He would wear them down, and maybe get them to waste ammunition with return fire.

Meanwhile…the horses found Marshal Blackmon and company.

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 26:

Thunderhoof sensed that all present knew of speaking horses even before, “You may speak freely, Thunderhoof, you are among friends.”

Thank you Human-Marshal Susie. Our Human-Riders are trapped in a cabin and surrounded by a large herd of humans! We must go to their relief!”

They found Marshal Blackmon ©2012 Jack BoardmanThere are but four of us…”

There are more, you must count the horse and mule-people.”

I’m sorry, Thunderhoof, but you cannot use a firearm.”

“Um, Marshal?” James Silverthorn had an idea, “These six may find Ojibwe warriors and my father, and bring them to our aid.”

Do they know how to ride?”

We can teach them,” Pal whinnied, “Just as I taught Kuckunniwi James Silverthorn on the way to the stockade months ago.”

Meanwhile, Deputy AJ arrived in Williams’ Station with his prisoner, Simmons, where he found Matt Farkleberry, Cyrus Bishop, Mrs. Miller, Doc Shouse and Deputy Marshal Cooper in front of the bank with Adelbert Samuel Simpson, Jr. As you might expect, GENTLE READER, there were a few happy reunions.

Deputy AJ arrived in Williams' Station ©2012 Jack BoardmanThe dog-people did not forget their mission—and after a too-brief reunion, they got down to business.

We must leave NOW to help People-Dog Marshal Big Mac and Boomer and Larry and…” Benji began and was interrupted by Sarah…

Where? What is going on?”

Some pigeon knows,” Deputy AJ answered, “It’s flying to tell a Marshal Susie, wherever she is, and then he’ll find us. We all can’t go, someone has to guard this prisoner.”

Don’t worry, I will handle that—with pleasure,” Adelbert Simpson said with some barely-hidden glee, “There are others here to help.”

I’m Marshal Blackmon’s deputy, get ready to ride. Flutters will find us,” Sarah was looking directly at AJ, “Are you with us, deputy?”

To be Continued…


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12 Responses to “Are you with us, deputy?”

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Aha! The allies begin to assemble! Not enough of them – yet – but…


  2. And, on the other side of town, the very same words fell out of Marshal Susie’s mouth… Don’t worry, I will handle that with pleasure. I doubt that is the cliffhanger!


  3. Ahh my dear sweet Alice..so nice to finally see yu again..xoxo


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    We’re not so outnumbered as they think!


  5. John James says:

    Hurry up with the gun-play, willya?


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