Larry was halfway across the room…


We must leave NOW to help People-Dog Marshal Big Mac and Boomer and Larry and…” Benji began and was interrupted by Sarah…

Where? What is going on?”

Some pigeon knows,” Deputy AJ answered, “It’s flying to tell a Marshal Susie, wherever she is, and then he’ll find us. We all can’t go, someone has to guard this prisoner.”

Don’t worry, I will handle that—with pleasure,” Adelbert Simpson said with some barely-hidden glee, “There are others here to help.”

I’m Marshal Blackmon’s deputy, get ready to ride. Flutters will find us,” Sarah was looking directly at AJ, “Are you with us, deputy?”

Season VI, Chapter 2, Episode 27:

As it seems my old friend Daisy, has made it very clear along our trip here, and I am…familiar…with the one you call ‘Boomer,’ I must accompany you.”

You ain’t leaving without me an’ Cyrus.”

Of course,” Deputy Cooper smiled, “I was counting on you two.”

You carry badges, like the marshal?”

Cooper didn’t think so, but checked her saddlebags—sure enough, she found two—exactly what she needed, “I guess I do, one for each of you.”

Cy and Matt returned the Devil Track deputy badges, Chris kept hers, “I guess I’ll be your temporary deputy, AJ.”

Cooper's posse rode out of Williams' Station ©2012 Jack Boardman

They set out to help their surrounded friends

After spending as much time as they could with Susan, who, by the way, bought the soon-to-be Seven Tables cabin from Adelbert Simpson, said their farewells and joined the rest of the canines and wolvenfolk—shadowing the “Cooper-Posse” through the forest on both sides of the road, as they set out to help their surrounded friends.

True to their word the four horses and two mules, accompanied by James & Brave Hawk, found Ojibwe warriors willing to learn. Although a little apprehensive, several volunteered after their chief, Grey Wolf calmly walked up to Pal, “You will carry me great War Stallion?”

If Pal could blush, he would be—bright red—but instead simply nickered, “You may, O Mighty Chief!”

Which of course, evoked a hearty laugh from Grey Cloud, “You have a fine sense of humor, horse.”

“That is required of any horse who associates with Deputy Boomer.”

Blackmon's posse on the move ©2012 Jack Boardman

Soon the Ojibwe joined Blackmon's posse.

Soon the Ojibwe joined Blackmon’s posse.

The raiders continued to take long-range rifle shots at the cabin’s windows, effectively pinning down Mac and his men. Occasionally, they would return fire or would sprint across the room. Larry was halfway across the room when a shot rang out and he fell to the floor.

To be Continued…


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20 Responses to Larry was halfway across the room…

  1. fluttermatters26 says:

    “Some pigeon knows”

    Finally, methinks thinks Fluttermatters, there is amongst the unwashed, acknowledgement of the powers of the Master that rest within. 🙂


  2. Elizabeth M says:

    Oh, NO! Not Larry! Oh Great TalesMaster, you better pull off his rescue!!


  3. Oh my, does Larry need resuscitation?


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Cliffhanger Friday!!!!


  5. Hmm Ive seemed to have missed my happy emotional reunion with my dear sweet Alice..I guess there is a bigger plan…:) Happy Friday yall!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Oh no you didn’t…you commented on it yesterday:

      “Ahh my dear sweet nice to finally see yu again..xoxo”

      See? 😀


  6. John James says:

    You mean good guys can be shot? 😦


  7. Jack Boardman says:

    Hmmmmmm….Where are Carl and Daisy??? 😐


  8. Elizabeth Miller says:



  9. lhalvor says:



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