There was one thought in the minds of all, critters and humans…

What’s next?

Season VI, Chapter 2 Conclusion, Afterword:

Moosehead City was almost boring ©2012 Jack Boardman

Moosehead City was almost boring,

Things settled down some. Big Mac, Boomer & Larry returned to Moosehead City to find it almost boring, and too quiet—even “Ma” Simpson was behaving—sort of. She’d purchased a log cabin just outside the town limits and installed a pair of red-tinted oil lamps on the outside, Needless to say, it quickly became quite popular with the some of the loggers; particularly on payday. For others, less inclined for that kind of comfort, there was always Ma’s Dancehall; it was far less expensive there for a good time after a long day of logging.

Adelbert & Bart became partners

Adelbert & Bart became partners.

Bart Nathaniel fully recovered from his wound and became Adelbert Simpson’s partner at the Williams’ Station Bank, and the two of them were earning a reputation for honesty and integrity in Moosehead County.

Susan's stepsons were a quick study ©2012 Jack Boardman

Susan's stepsons were a quick study (and somehow grew larger & older).

Susan & Alice settled-in at Seven Tables and Susan’s stepsons proved to be a quick-study when it came to the cooking and baking for which Seven Tables would become known. But Susan, after having a taste of adventure AND after Alice told her of her own adventures, found she wanted more. She wanted to go on an adventure with Alice.

Deputy Danger Bay Town Marshal Cooper once again turned in her badge—and Town Marshal Blackmon accepted her resignation (for now, knowing full good & well that the time would come…). Cooper and PepperCooper happily spent their time working at Silverthorn Trading—something James and his soon-to-be wife, Keezeekoni (Burning Fire), appreciated.

Inside Silverthorn Trading ©2012 Jack Boardman

Inside Silverthorn Trading.

Keezeekoni had taken a room at the Orphanage as offered by Doc Shouse when one became available, she had grown tired of the five-mile trip to and from the village each day. She and Chris began to hector James into setting a date for their marriage; which, if you knew either of them, you would know the marriage would happen sooner, rather than later.

And then news spread throughout the county—there had been a murder in Grand Marais…

To be Continued…


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13 Responses to Afterword

  1. John James says:

    Oh JOY! This looks like all sweetness and light. Is that what’s coming in the new chapter? 😐


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Adelbert Samuel Simpson; alone among Allen Stanley Simpson’s forebears, is a fine, upstanding man…what happened? 😉


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    It was the blinking blue light of the wireless headset cleverly disguised to look like like a feather in his hand stitched leather aviators hat through which the message was heard…..

    The voice was – the Master’s!

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters the Master only ever makes voice calls from the left coast where the bluest of blue mountains blind with spectacular beauty and which as you know gentle readers is to the west of you but east of others when the situation is urgent.

    The message was brief and clear – “You Are Needed”!
    And so before the exclamation mark had time to dry, Fluttermatters was off to discover “What’s Next”


    • Jack Boardman says:

      You Are Needed!”

      INDEED! Morale of our intrepid searchers is of utmost importance ~ someone to laugh at with IS GOOD for morale! 😛


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    A big sigh of relief for some rest for our weary travelers! Hope I got to soak in a long hot bath for my these bones and dirty body. A good hot meal and play with the kids and animals that is what will make me really happy!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Do it quickly…we get going again, soon. There was a murder in Grand Marias, and I hear the folks responsible are on the run… 😉


  5. YEAH!!!!!!!! Me and ALICE!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jack!!!!!!! 🙂


  6. Ha ha ha ha – – – “Burning Fire” … poor James. Soon he will become familiar with “Frozen Tundra.”


    • Jack Boardman says:

      …Soon he will become familiar with “Frozen Tundra.”’

      Ya THINK? Since (even ‘though they have no idea) the weather is computer controlled…WAIT! That’s NOT what you meant by

      Frozen Tundra…

      WAS IT? 😛


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