Fensterwald simply looked guilty…


Is there anyone we should talk to before we leave town?” Susie had her suspicions, “Someone Deputy Kidd had any business with?”

Aye, lass, dare is. Yer man inspected shipments arrivin’ by steamer arranged by a fella named Fensterwald. yer can fend ‘imself in de ‘otel lobby.

Susie and Mac, after expressing their sincere condolences, went to the Hotel, where sure enough, they found Fensterwald.

Fensterwald did not appear happy to see them.

Season VI, Chapter 3 Trackdown, Episode 5:

Deputy US Marshal Cooper found Mr. Olav Swenson outside his “Maritime Mercantile” and he seemed to be expecting a visit, “Good day, Marshal. May I assume you’re looking for supplies?”

I am,” Sarah handed him a list of needed supplies, “I hope you have what we need, Mr. Swenson.”

Sarah & Olav Swenson at the Mercantile ©2012 Jack Boardman

“I hope you have what we need, Mr. Swenson.”

Swenson looked over the list and after several minutes of the occasional, “Hmmmm…We should have those items…That’s a lot of canned goods…” he looked up, “Yes, marshal, I think I have all you require, but it won’t be cheap.”

Can you give me an estimate?”

It will take a few minutes,” He went inside to his office.

Sarah became more and more concerned when after fifteen minutes Swenson had not returned—they would pay for whatever supplies they needed, but the regional US Marshal’s office in St. Louis hadn’t yet sent the promised funds.

I have a total for you,” a smiling Swenson emerged.

Very-well, how much do we owe you?”

Sarah wasn’t expecting his answer, “That much?”

Chauncey Marion Fensterwald III was indeed not happy to see the marshals—he had, after all, an ‘arrangement’ with Randolph Kidd—and now, Kidd was missing. He started to walk into the main lobby when he was stopped in mid-turn by Deputy US Marshal Blackmon, “Mr. Fensterwald, I presume?”

“Er—yes, yes I'm Chauncey Fensterwald, at your service, Marshal...um...”

Er—yes, yes I’m Chauncey Fensterwald, at your service, Marshal…um…”

My name is not important, but your relationship with Deputy Kidd is what I’m interested in,” Susie just knew there was something he was hiding, “We know he gave you special inspections; conveniently overlooking certain—irregularities?”

Susie knew nothing of the sort, but Fensterwald simply looked guilty as hell…

To be Continued…


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14 Responses to Fensterwald simply looked guilty…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Hmmm makes you wonder where Kidd is..thought this dude would know! Whats Swenson up to? Gouging? Nice dog picture on the wall! I assume our dog-people are in the wagon…Buttons has become so independent!


  2. Ha ha. Yes, Susie recognizes that guilty look, and the inevitable … deny, deny, deny! (That’s pretty neat re the oil painting!)


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “…and the inevitable … deny, deny, deny!”

      WHY does this not surprise me? About the painting: Thank you. Dad was an accomplished artist and we have several of his works. Most of them he gave away to friends. 🙂


  3. Good eye Chris!! m up to date now :)) yall have a fine weekend!!


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Am I gettin’ swindled?!


  5. Daisy Boardman says:

    All the while some of us are traipsing through the forest. AR-ROOO!!!


  6. John James says:

    THIS is a cliff-hanger?


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