On the trail


Fensterwald, counting his blessings—yet again, would indeed be on the next steamer departing Grand Marais.

That much?” Sarah repeated.

We can’t spare the people to help you, Deputy, so the town of Grand Marais is paying for your supplies. It’s the least we can do for Marshal Angus. You find the bastards who did this—that will be payment enough.”

Season VI, Chapter 3 Trackdown, Episode 7:

Sarah & Olav Swenson at the Mercantile ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Do you think I would charge the village full price?"

That’s a large amount of money for you and the village to absorb,” Sarah protested.

Do you think I would charge the village full price? I’m selling the supplies at my cost, less 10% as my personal contribution. Now you and your friends go get them fellas who killed Angus!”

We will, Mr. Swenson. Chief Deputy Blackmon is leading the search, and I really wouldn’t want her tracking me.”

The entire gaggle of marshals met south of Grand Marais on the road that would one day in the future become US Route 61, and later, Minnesota Highway 61. With Daisy and PepperCooper periodically going off into the adjacent forest using their renowned olfactory senses to search for any sign of their quarry breaking off the trail. PepperCopper is half-basset hound, so his nose-sense is second only to his best friend Daisy (he’s also half border collie and sometimes irritates Daisy by trying to herd her). Buttons would sometimes go with them, but mostly she remained riding comfortably with Chris.

Riding along Superior ©2012 Jack Boardman

The entire gaggle of marshals met south of Grand Marais...

Ben & Alice, too, went off into the woods taking turns with Daisy & Pepper—their noses were nothing to sneeze at, either—being hunting dogs, y’know.

Around noon they came to the scene of Angus’ murder, found by PepperCooper. Blackmon and Mac went there with only PepperCooper and Daisy, hoping there was still something remaining to provide a clue as to who was responsible.

The scene of the crime ©2012 Jack Boardman

There were tracks everywhere...

There were tracks everywhere, the crime scene had been nearly obliterated by the people who found Angus and ultimately brought his body back to Grand Marais.

It appeared hopeless…

To be Continued…


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17 Responses to On the trail

  1. Sometimes things are not as they appear!! So who or what is going to save the day?? A bird?? Just sayin’ … you know, with the tracks and all. LMBO here all by myself.


  2. Those labs …can sniff out that bird ..good though!! :))


  3. John James says:

    I’m trying to be patient here… 😐


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Awww, PepperCooper and Daisy look awesome! Love their new design!


  5. fluttermatters26 says:

    “A Bird”
    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters the fur balls may have employed their rudimentary skill to bring you to the scene BUT it will take all of the Master’s CSI technique to resolve this victims death.

    Now if the fur balls would just stop snapping at the flies and their larvae perhaps we can get started by establishing the exact time and day ol’ Angus bit the dust.


  6. sgtmajcarl says:

    Chief Deputy US Marshal Susie Blackmon, Canine Deputies PepperCooper & Daisy…inspecting the crime scene. They would be the best of the best for this job. And the others, myself included, human, canine (and, I suppose, even avian, although sometimes I wonder) are not to be underestimated in their capabilities in finding the killer(s) of Angus McGillicuddy. All have their particular talents, and woe be to those guilty of that heinous crime.


  7. lhalvor says:

    Ah, the herding dogs. Our Kai tried to herd our cats. Lost cause.


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