More than 600 miles…


Switching people between the two groups, save for Blackmon, who remained with the scouts, and Susan who was the best muleteer, they continued using this tactic and they progressed very rapidly.

Their quarry made a significant mistake, they accidentally left behind a blanket at one of their campsites, and Daisy recognized the human scent; the blanket belonged to Randolph Kidd. Marshal Blackmon surmised from that, that the other man they were chasing was Major McLintock—that was a dead-on guess.

Season VI, Chapter 3 Trackdown, Episode 13:

When they reached Duluth, Mac and Larry went into town to the District US Marshal’s Office, while the rest of the party went around the city in an attempt to regain the trail— in the city there were simply too many scents of horse-scat for even the finest nose to detect a specific horse or horses.

The district US Marshal had received the cash authorization from Saint Louis. Mac signed for the cash and was given a strong box. On the way out of the office, the usually quiet Deputy US Marshal Larry Yatkowsky observed, “Well, one more thing to worry about, that cash box has robbery written all over it.”

I’m sure you’ll protect it, Larry—with your life, if necessary.”

They reunited outside of Cloquet ©2012 Jack Boardman

They reunited just outside the village of Cloquet.

Meanwhile, after circumnavigating Duluth, the dogs regained the the trail about five miles south of the city. Larry FlutterMatters was dispatched to find Mac & Larry—and amazingly enough, he found them at the south city limits. They reunited just outside the village of Cloquet.

After resting a bit there (and having a much-needed meal, courtesy of “Seven Tables Catering,” and Susan, They began the next long phase of the hunt.

They followed the trail left by Kidd & McLintock generally South through the villages of Moose Lake & Hinckley; where the trail turned to the Southwest through the villages of Mora, Milaca, Foley and the City of Saint Cloud, where they resupplied and crossed the Mississippi.

Continuing Southwest, they passed through Cold Spring, Spicer, Wilmar, Clara City, Granite Falls, Cottonwood, to several miles outside of Marshal, where the trail turned West.

The terrain turned slowly to prairie ©2012 Jack Boardman

The terrain turned slowly to prairie, gone were the towering white pine...

The terrain turned slowly to prairie, gone were the towering white pine and red clay soil, replaced by groves of oak and maple and much richer soil. Crop and cattle farmsteads replaced the hardscrabble dairy farms and logging operations of the Arrowhead part of Minnesota.

They passed through Tyler and into Dakota Territory, on to the town of De Smet, Dakota Territory—they’d traveled over 600 miles since they left Grand Marais.

To be Continued…


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12 Responses to More than 600 miles…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Very very nice picture with the clouds! I could almost feel my saddle sores 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Thank you. The sky came from one of my photos taken out over Lake Superior and the prairie was made completely in Photo Shop…there are farmsteads and tree-groves in the far distance.
      We packed all we’d need for a relatively comfortable trip – fresh clothing and plenty of lakes and streams to bathe in (privacy enforced by our dog & horse-people) along the way. Saddle-sore? More than likely, I suspect. 🙂


  2. Carrying a cash box?? Is that the same thing as (what used to be) my money maker??


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    MAN it’s nice to have catering on a long road trip!


  4. fluttermatters26 says:

    “amazingly enough, he found them”

    True it is that those who have not followed the Master’s path consider such tasks ‘amazing’.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “True it is that those who have not followed the Master’s path consider such tasks ‘amazing’.”

      Considering WHO we’re talking about here , it is, without a doubt, BEYOND SIMPLY AMAZING that you found them. 😛


  5. Daisy Boardman says:

    More than 600 miles? No WONDER my feet hurt! AR-ROOO!!!


  6. I hope Im feeding yall well enough that is quite a long journey..:)) good grub Im sure!!


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