“Did they catch the robbers?”


Fensterwald is a coward. I bet he didn’t say a word; especially after looking down the barrels of my .45s.”

Both were quiet for some time and both were thinking about their next move. McLintock was no gunfighter—his ability to draw and accurately fire his .44 simply wasn’t fast enough for that, even though he WAS a good marksman.

Kidd knew he had but one talent, aside from his gunfighter skills, he could usually get hired as a town marshal—he had a way to eliminate a serving marshal and thereby creating a job opening.

I have an idea!”

Season VI, Chapter 3 Trackdown, Episode 18:

South Dakota Territory ©2012 Jack Boardman

The map above shows the relative positions of the good folks & bad folks.

Author’s Note: The map above shows the relative positions of the good folks & bad folks.

You have my attention, Randy.”

We need to take over a town, lock, stock and saloon.”

We find a ranch for sale. You buy the ranch, I’ll replace the local town marshal.”

We don’t have that much money. Besides that little problem, we have to find a ranch for sale.”

First we select the town and create an opening for a new marshal. The town should be somewhat remote.”

Flutters remained well out of range of Kidd's Henry Rifle ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Everything out here is remote. How, exactly to you create an opening?”

Everything out here is remote. How, exactly to you create an opening?”

Remember Grand Marais?”

Okay, position created,” McLintock knew what Kidd’s answer would be, “now, pray tell, about the ranch.”

I’ve never been a poor man, Ben, my father was an industrialist in Pittsburgh, and when it became obvious there would be war between the States, he developed a formula for making long-lasting springs that would outlast all his competitors’ springs. Those springs became part of the hammer action on all Union Muskets used during the war.”

He’s living?”

Sadly, no. He and my brothers perished during a robbery.”

And you somehow survived?”

I wasn’t home. I was in Philadelphia visiting my uncle.”

Did they catch the robbers?”

They found their bodies.”

McLintock smiled.

They hadn’t heard from Flutters so the marshals continued along the road at a moderate pace with the dogs patrolling the roadside for a diverging scent.

The Marshals continued along the road ©2012 Jack Boardman

They were some distance behind Kidd & McLintock...

They were some distance behind Kidd & McLintock, who in turn, remained completely unaware they were being followed.

To be Continued…


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12 Responses to “Did they catch the robbers?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Missing photo….well I feel sorry for any rancher who decides not to sell!


  2. Ooohhh. Looking for a ranch… no doubt wranglers will be involved before long… speaking of diverging scents.


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m seeing the third photo as missing, too. But I did see air quotes when he said “in Philadelphia visiting my uncle.”


  4. Alice blends in with the sawgrass 🙂 Hay yall!! Im back 🙂


  5. fluttermatters26 says:

    What ever could that be in the sky above the horse jockeys?

    Is it a plane? – nah!
    Is it a flat landers mirage? – nah!
    Is that upside down horse pucky? – Nah!

    Still wondering?

    Well gentle reader if you listen carefully with your ear low to the ground you might hear a prairie cricket with his eye to the sky say….

    “by Jimminny – that’s FlutterMatters” 🙂


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