Arriving in Dreadwood


Pinchpenny was still concerned, but more concerned about his retirement. They went next door to the Miller & Blot, Lawyer’s office and three hour later, Pinchpenny was a rich gentleman of leisure.

Meanwhile, an out-of-breath cowboy rode up to the marshal’s office, “Halp marshal, we bin bushwacked!”

Season VI, Chapter 4 Predators and Victims, Episode 8:

What happened Tom?”

We was just comin’ in from tendin’ th’ stock, when they opened fire, all but me was kilt!”

Are they still there?”

Marshal Jones and Dusty Smith Ride out ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Naw, they rode off south.”

Naw, they rode off south.”

Okay, Tom, let me get my horse and we’ll take a look-see. I’ll tell Frank to come out with a wagon, so’s we can pick up the boys that were kilt.”

Why’d they do this, Marshal? It don’t make no sense.”

As they rode out of town to the south, Erik & Susan entered Dreadwood from the north. They went down the wide main (and only) street and passed the “Cattleman’s Hotel,” “Marshal’s Office,” “Carstairs & Son General Store, “Miller & Blot, Lawyer,” and the “Dreadwood Saloon,” before they found a vacant building for rent.

It was situated between the saloon and the blacksmith shop and across the street a cemetery and three other occupied buildings (by whom, I can’t tell you, GENTLE READER, because they’re facing the wrong way and I can’t see their signs). They stopped in front of the building with the “For Rent” sign, “What do you think, Susan, will this work?”

Susan & Erik find a building for rent ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Oh yes,” She smiled

Oh yes,” She smiled, “It’s smaller than my building in Williams’ Station, but it should do just fine for our purposes.”

There was a smaller sign on the door which directed all queries to “Miller & Blot.” The two walked to the attorney’s office to negotiate the rental transaction.

The rest of the marshals decided to remain in Huron an extra week to give Erik and Susan more time to get set up in Dreadwood. When they left and after crossing the Missouri River at Pierre, they broke into three teams before turning south; Boomer & Chris, Sarah & Larry, and Susie & Mac. They also removed their badges—no sense announcing the presence of so many US Marshals on the move. They planned to set up a semi-permanent camp outside Murdo, the closest town to Dreadwood.

What they didn’t plan on, occurred north of Murdo…

To Be Continued…


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17 Responses to Arriving in Dreadwood

  1. Cute building..dont like that town name though sounds very bleak..yikes!! Well here I go… a cookin again yeah!!!!!


  2. By the way..Im caught up now :)) so nice to seee my ALice out front there!! xoxo


  3. lhalvor says:

    Hard to stay caught up. Why can’t YOU see the buildings?


    • Jack Boardman says:

      It doesn’t show in the illustration, but on the master illustration the backs of a few buildings show…just the backs…so I have no idea what the fronts (with signs) look like. 🙂


  4. Murdo? Is that a semi-permanent town? I’m leery of anything prefaced with ‘semi.’ Those are some handsome horses in front of the law office.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “Murdo” is permanent…the camp is semi-permanent. Thank you. Those horses are among the several “extras” employed by this production. 🙂


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    What didn’t they plan on?!


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    The plot thickens and I am sure we are in for some real fun! 🙂


  7. Daisy Boardman says:

    I haven’t seen MEEEEE here for some time…AR-ROOO!!!


  8. sgtmajcarl says:

    A day late and a dollar short. No excuses.


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