Marshal Kidd


Randall Kidd was standing outside the Dreadwood Saloon with a few of the locals when Peterson arrived, “They’re all dead, Tom, his men, and Marshal Iverson!”

One of the locals, a man planted by Kidd and McLintock, shouted out, “We need to go after these killers; who’s with me?”

We should, but we ain’t gunmen.”

I am,” Kidd replied, “And I’ve done some marshaling in my time. You fellas round up as many boys as you can and bring ’em here at first light and we’ll track ’em down and give ’em justice!”

Season VI, Chapter 4 Predators and Victims, Episode 12:

As the locals went off to “…round up as many boys…” as they could, Kidd and his planted “local” went into the saloon where they found Dreadwood’s mayor holding court and completely unaware of the town marshal’s shooting. McLintock was also there and of course, the two gave no indication they knew one-another.

Kidd told the story of the massacre and the death of Marshal Iverson. He also told of his call for a posse to hunt down the killers. Mayor Byron Bluster, a long-time friend of Iverson was devastated.

You can count on the Triple Bar X for twenty men, Mayor,” McLintock offered, “Is there a deputy to lead them?”

No, our deputy marshal is eighty years old and just guards the jail at night.”

Kidd went into the Saloon ©2012 Jack Boardman

“I might be able to help you, Mayor,” Kidd generously offered his services…

I might be able to help you, Mayor,” Kidd generously offered his services, “I hadn’t planned on marshaling again, but I have a lot of experience.”

I am grateful for your offer,” Bluster replied, “and will accept it. When this is over, Mr. Kidd, we can find a permanent replacement for you. Thank you so much.”

Mayor Bluster hired Kidd on the spot and swore him in—there were plenty of witnesses to make it official. McLintock shook his hand, “Marshal? Have you a place to stay?”

I was about to head over to the hotel…”

Nonsense! We have plenty of room at the ranch. That way, come morning you’ll have a twenty-man posse ready to go.”

Thank you, sir. I believe I’ll take you up in that kind offer.”

To Be Continued…


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15 Responses to Marshal Kidd

  1. Always something a brewing round here :))


  2. Ooooh. A twenty-man posse!!!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    awww the pieces to the puzzle are starting to come into view! Overall plan not so much but it will be revealed. Sorta reminds me of my Saturday Cowboy series that were on when I was a kid. I was madly in love with Tim Holt and Randolph Scott. It seemed like there was always a lot of crooked (dirty) lawmen involved.


    • sgtmajcarl says:

      That’s the way Jack sees it and when we discussed it, I agreed…more like the Saturday westerns and less like a Sam Peckinpah [The bloody “Wild Bunch,” 1968…and also “Ride the High Country” 1962 (Randolph Scott’s last movie)].
      Our peace officers are all people of high moral fiber and incorruptible… 😀


  4. yatters says:

    “moral fiber and incorruptible”

    must be talkin about the guy who fell to the ground while leading the ass loaded with whiskey


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “…must be talkin about the guy who fell to the ground while leading the ass loaded with whiskey…”

      You ain’t all that easy to lead around when you’ve had all that to drink. 😛


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