“You gonna tell us yer name?”


I see,” the tall stranger’s mouth hinted at a grin, “I expect she didn’t take kindly to that. Barkeep? May I get a sarsaparilla?”

You sure can, that’ll be a nickel.”

A real man takes a whiskey—or a beer,” Samuel sneered a bit.

I enjoy both, but they just make you more thirsty, and your mouth feels cotton-lined after a bit, sarsaparilla quenches the thirst.”

Still sneering, Samuel replied, “I didn’t catch your name, stranger.”

I didn’t offer it…”

Meanwhile, in the Port of Danger Bay, 2012, Kiwidinok Silverthorn had spent the morning at the library, “Hiram! The History of Moosehead County & it’s People…”

Yes Kiwi?”

The marshals—our friends…”

Season VI, Chapter 4 Predators and Victims, Episode 19:

We know they’ve been in and around Moosehead County and providing us with our missing family histories.”

I know that, Kiwi, I’ve read that as well; they’re even mentioned by name—at least their first names.”

Hiram & Kiwi at Silverthorn's Café 2012 ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Yes…but today even their first names no longer appear in the book.”

Yes…but today even their first names no longer appear in the book.”

Really? But they were instrumental in defeating the Gamboge/Spenser gang.”

It seems that the town marshal of Grand Marais was murdered, and that his deputy Randolph Kidd and the Civil War raider, Major McLintock may have been involved. The last mention of our friends is they began to track them, and then; nothing. Here I took some notes: ‘The US District Marshal, his deputies and the Town Marshal of Danger Bay, her deputy, the headmistress of Danger Bay Orphanage, Mrs. Miller and the schoolmaster, both of Williams’ Station, were deputized and formed a posse. They were last seen as they passed through Duluth. The were never heard from again.’ That’s it, they simply disappeared, and except for Mrs. Miller, their names are gone.”

Back in 1873 Murdo, Dakota Territory…

You gonna tell us yer name?”

The best place to find out would be the saloon ©2012 Jack Boardman

“You gonna tell us yer name?”

The tall stranger grinned—a little and took a long pull from his sarsaparilla, draining his tin cup, “Ahhh, that’s good stuff! Another please?”

You bet,” the barkeep was enjoying this situation; he detested Samuel and any discomfort for ol’ Sam’l was a joy to behold.

We’re waitin’.”

Sure, let me finish my drink,” the stranger’s smile widened before he took a single long pull on his second drink, placed the empty cup on the bar and nodded towards Samuel and Peter as he turned to leave, “Name’s Cooper.”

To be Continued…


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16 Responses to “You gonna tell us yer name?”

  1. Hay..good moring… Ive got a Cooper relative in kY..maybe Sarah and i are related in someway..would this be her husband?Happy Friday..not too bad of a cliffhanger for a change jack..!! :))


  2. LOL That would be a good morning..wow I am still asleep!! JACK!! with a capitol letter! LOL


  3. Hey Cooper… Marshal Blackmon has some Honey Jack on hand. Here kitty, kitty, kitty….. purr, purr, purr.


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Cooper is an excellent name. 🙂


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    I don’t think Samuel and Peter are pleased… 😉


  6. yatters says:

    “We’re waitin’.”

    Till Monday at least.


  7. Chris Shouse says:

    Well I did not see that coming and the plot thickens….I know better than to ask any questions 🙂


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