Meet Jay Cooper


About halfway through the conversation with Carpenter, Mariah quietly walked away until they were past the next hill and returned to the road where she stepped up the pace to a trot, “We’ll be at the ranch in just a few minutes.”

You are one clever horse, Mariah.”

They trotted up to the ranch-house and were immediately greeted by Windy, “Hello Sis! I see you found your human!”

Sarah and Susie were on the porch and it took a split-second for Sarah to exclaim, happily, “Jay Cooper! It’s about time you got here!”

You know this tall drink of water?”

I should—I’m married to him!

Season VI, Chapter 5 Coldwater Ranch, Episode 7:

Dammit!” Susie exclaimed, “Married!”

Meanwhile, in Dreadwood Susan and Erik were establishing their presence in the town—to a much larger and quicker degree, at least for Erik—than either expected.

Seven Tables, the only true restaurant in town since Hiram Ptomaine’s place had closed, was getting busier by the day. Susan would soon have to hire some help.

Susan and Erik at Dreadwood Seven Tables ©2012 Jack Boardman

Erik had already been approached by rancher (former Major) Ben McLintock

Erik had already been approached by rancher (former Major) Ben McLintock to do some creative bookkeeping for him and the offer was not one that could be ignored.

Benjamin and Alice Labrador were often seen around town, two very friendly dogs. Dogs who listened very carefully to conversations and reported back to Susan, who, in turn would send the reports to Big Mac at the Coldwater Ranch via Flutters.

Boomer & Larry were riding at a leisurely pace towards Murdo on the Coldwater Road when the sharp-eared Rachel whinnied, “Horses at the gallop coming from behind us.”

Probably a pissed-off Carpenter,” Larry was right, of course, in his guess, “Perhaps the forest?”

Boomer & Larry hide from Carpenter & wranglers on Coldwater Road ©2012 Jack Boardman

Boomer & Larry hide from Carpenter & wranglers on Coldwater Road

Carpenter stopped on a rise and looked ahead to the intersection with Murdo road, “Can’t see ’em fellers, best we head back.”

Boss, they isn’t no fresh tracks on th’ road, they ain’t bin by here.”

Okay, less go back an’ find them bastids!”

In the ranch-house was a room designed as an official headquarters for US Marshal Carl “Big Mac” McIntyre. Using modern techniques an underground cable led from the room to a telegraph pole along Coldwater Road and there connected with the telegraph line to Murdo. This allowed the marshals to communicate with the District US Marshal in St. Louis.

Jay Cooper joins the team in the War Room ©2012 Jack Boardman

This room is where they were introduced to Jay Cooper (our newest IRL character)…

This room is where they were introduced to Jay Cooper (our newest IRL character) husband of Sarah and with her, the “owners” of Coldwater Ranch.

To be Continued…


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13 Responses to Meet Jay Cooper

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I love that we have the advantage of the animals listening to conversations and relaying messages. That is an awesome thing to have.


  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    We don’t get paid all that much for our services…a few more doggie biscuits, perhaps? AR-ROOO!!!


  3. I’m glad Susan is getting the restaurant going. I’m hungry! P.S. With Jay’s arrival on the ranch, I suspect the wranglers will not be hired with Susie’s standards in mind. ;-(


  4. Hay Jay welcome your a nice friendly lookin fellar!! :)…Good morning yall…Im glad to be a cooking finally! YEAH!!! I will make Daisy and my crew some extra biscuits!!


  5. yatters says:

    “Probably a pissed-off Carpenter,” Larry was right”

    Were there any doubt? Smarter than your average talking horse says he!


  6. lhalvor says:

    Hiram Ptomaine?


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