You should maybe reconsider…


I hear-tell Mrs. Carpenter is going over to Coldwater Ranch to welcome the Coopers—with a fresh apple pie,” Larry added with a wicked grin. He realized he was goading Carpenter and it was intentional.

Carpenter had all he could stand and reached for his sidearm, “Kill them boys!

Season VI, Chapter 5 Coldwater Ranch, Episode 10:

Do you have scruples?”

The question was a bit of a surprise at first; but thinking the question over it became obvious where McLintock was going with this, “My scruples are affected by my income, as is my loyalty to an employer.”

As I’d hoped. First, let me make clear one little thing, disloyalty is rewarded swiftly with termination and by termination I don’t mean fired.”

With that in mind, nothing less than a full partnership will be acceptable compensation.”

Erik approached by McLintock at the Dreadwood Saloon ©2012 Jack Boardman

“I was prepared to offer a very generous salary, but full partnership?”

I was prepared to offer a very generous salary, but full partnership? Why would I consider that?”

Grand Marais Town Marshal Angus McGillicuddy’s murder,” Erik smiled faintly as he made up the story—a story he hoped he could relay to Big Mac in Murdo, “Sooner or later you would find this out, anyway, but I was a deputy US Marshal and part of the posse which tracked you and Marshal Kidd to Duluth. We lost your trail there and a big fight followed resulting in Deputy Marshal Boomer Jack shooting Marshal McIntyre.”


So—my compensation and immunity from termination.”

What does the shooting of the marshal have to do with that?”

When the posse broke up, I turned in my badge and remained in Duluth as the others returned to Danger Bay with McIntyre’s body. Boomer Jack waited in hiding for a day or two, and then we set out to track you. He’s nearby and if you don’t agree to my terms, or if anything should happen to me—he will pay you and Kidd a visit. A fatal visit. I know too, that Kidd tried to draw down on Boomer and found himself staring into the muzzles of a pair of .44s.”

I suppose he wants compensation as well?”

As he shouted “Kill them boys!” Carpenter reached for his gun, but wisely, his wranglers were experienced enough to know to just raise their hands.

Boomer & Larry surprise Carpenter & wranglers on Coldwater Road ©2012 Jack Boardman

Carpenter was stopped cold as Larry had both his Colt .45s out …

Carpenter was stopped cold as Larry had both his Colt .45s out and pointed at his head before ol Sam’l’s hand came within an inch of his gun.

You should maybe reconsider drawing your gun, Mr. Carpenter,” Boomer smiled.

To be Continued…


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17 Responses to You should maybe reconsider…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow such excitement for a Monday Morning 🙂


  2. Hmmm, all I can think of is having a pair of 44’s . . . even for just one week!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    WHOA! So much action, I could almost hear the dramatic soundtrack!


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    “My scruples are affected by my income, as is my loyalty to an employer.”

    WELL that says much, doesn’t it? 🙂


  5. Daisy Boardman says:



  6. Erik Hare says:

    Well, yes, when you’ve been without a steady income as long as I have …
    (plus I’ve seen every episode of The Rockford Files, so I know how this all works)


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Oh…it will get worse for our Dreadwood Contingent, much worse…Oops! Perhaps I’ve said too much. 😉


  7. yatters says:

    I’m not just pretty I’m fast too!


  8. LOL..yall are too funny Hay Daisy!!! :))


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Isn’t it great to go to a place where the readers & commentators can have the kind of fun we have here? It’s WHY I write this stuff…it’s for you. 🙂


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