I’m looking for someone


As they went inside to discuss the details of Boomer’s takeover, one of the other hombres, a dangerous shootist, featured in Kidd’s wanted poster file rode into Dreadwood.

This shootist, Derby, had been cutting a wide swath of death through the desert southwest since the end of the Civil War—sometimes it seemed at though he was in two places at once—and was credited for killing some thirty men, including some ten lawmen. There was hardly any room left on the butt of his Colt .45 for more notches.

He enjoyed his work.

Season VI, Chapter 5 Coldwater Ranch, Episode 19:

After making new order clear to Kidd, Boomer Jack walked down the street to Seven Tables where he found Professor Hare in a deep discussion with Benjamin McLintock, “How do, gents, you fellas as of right now—work for me.”

Boomer Jack interrupted Erik & McLintock ©2012 Jack Boardman

“How do, gents, you fellas as of right now—work for me.”

Susan, who had been listening to the discussion, and was aware of the original plan greeted Boomer, “Good day Deputy…”

Pardon me, ma’am, it would be best if you checked your oven—the cakes may be done.”

Surprised by the abrupt and if you ask me, rudeness of Boomer’s words, Susan recovered quickly, “Why yes, yes I should check the oven, thank you.”

Professor Hare was a little surprised, although this approach could work, it wasn’t part of the plan—McLintock, however, “Do you have any idea who I am?”

I know EXACTLY who you are, Benny. You are, along with Marshal Kidd and Professor Hare, MY employees.”


Deal with it, Benny! You will receive a commission on my profits but will not be a partner—just an employee. You fail—you die—got it?”

The door to Seven Tables opened, interrupting Boomer. A dangerous-looking fellow walked slowly in—paused as he looked each person over—assessing each.

May I help you, sir?” Susan, ever the attentive host, asked.

Derby was looking for Kidd at Seven Tables ©2012 Jack Boardman

“May I help you, sir?” Susan, ever the attentive host, asked.

You might,” the man replied, “You may have heard of me, name’s Derby. I’m looking for someone.”

This “Derby” made even Boomer a bit nervous—he was obviously a professional “Shootist,” and not to be trifled with, “Who might that someone be, Derby?”

Randolph Kidd.”

Boomer smiled, this could work out well for him, “He’s the town Marshal, he’s in his office.”

Thank you,” Derby said, tipping his derby as he slowly turned and ambled out the door.

To be Continued…


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11 Responses to I’m looking for someone

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    This turn of events with a new man called Derby is interesting, will be very much looking on to see where it leads.


  2. There is always room for more notches!!


  3. Jack Boardman says:

    Hi Cooper!


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Hmm, Derby … is he also wearing a derby hat?


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    He appears to be a SERIOUS hombre.


  6. Hmm..giving me orders eh?? :)) well..I reckon its okay for now!


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