Doc Shouse wasn’t quite so lucky


They rode up to the jail where they were met by the town’s new deputy marshal, James Butler Hickok, “You must be Marshal Boomer Jack, name’s Hickok. Your chief deputy Hare hired me.”

A pleasure, Hickok. Would you be so kind as to escort Mr. Derby to his cell?”

I will. I hear-tell you’re fast with those Remingtons, Marshal.”

I hear you’re faster with those Navy Colts, Mr. Hickok.”

They both went for their guns.

Season VI, Chapter 6 Renegade Marshal, Episode 9:

Yep,” Boomer laughed, “You’re faster!”

Yep, you're faster ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Yep,” Boomer laughed, “You’re faster!”

I don’t believe you tried, Marshal,” Hickok was also smiling, “I saw you blink before you drew. I hope you play poker.”

I don’t. A fella’s gotta know his limits.”

Another easy mark—yet too smart to play.”

If you’ll excuse us, Hickok, we have business elsewhere.”

As Boomer, Daisy & Pal left, Pal for a nice rub-down and oats at the stable, and Boomer & Daisy for a meal at Seven Tables, Hickok locked Derby in his new home—until his trial, at least.

After dropping Pal off at the stable, Boomer & Daisy joined Erik at Seven Tables, with Daisy being warmly welcomed by Susan.

Susan, to her credit, treated Boomer with civility and no more, “What will you have, Marshal?”

Boomer Erik & Daisy at Seven Tables ©2012 Jack Boardman

“I’ll have the dinner special of the day, please.”

I’ll have the dinner special of the day, please.”

Coming right up.”

Well, Jack—now what?”

I think, Erik, sleep.”

After several hours Doc Shouse and Buttons finished their inspection. Doc found no major problems with the herd, and impressed the horse-wranglers with how the wild mustangs allowed her to approach them without running off.

For her part, Buttons recognized five of the wranglers as part of the rustling attempt on the Coldwater/Blue Dog mustang expedition and quietly passed the information to Flutters. The wranglers found the sight & sound of a small dog barking at a pigeon terribly funny—unable to understand they were speaking to one-another.

Flutters and Buttons amused the wranglers ©2012 Jack Boardman

Flutters, in a flurry of feathers & squawking, flew off towards Coldwater Ranch.

Flutters, in a flurry of feathers & squawking, flew off towards Coldwater Ranch.

Doc Shouse wasn’t quite so lucky as one of the wranglers walked over to where she was meeting with the foreman, “I think I’ve seen this-here woman somewhere where she shunta been…”
To be Continued…

12 thoughts on “Doc Shouse wasn’t quite so lucky

  1. Elizabeth M

    Awww, what a let-down! NOT! Lol, pretty fun ‘shoot-out,’ though lacking the excitement of blood. I’m with Chris!


    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      Nice to see you back ;-) Yes…but killing-off Hickok before his time might have REALLY screwed up the time-continuum! :-D


  2. Chris Shouse

    Oh Oh I think Dr. will handle herself just fine. LOL at Buttons and Flutters and the wranglers thinking it was cute!


    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      Thank you…upgrading characters may be time-consuming, but it’s fun (when it works)! ;-)


    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      I suspect you’re referring to the interior pic of Seven Tables…thanks, Susan, I like that one too. :-D



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